• Principal Marie Hautigan 
    There are so many exciting things happening on campus, Bengal Scholars!

    All of us – administration, faculty, and staff – are here to assist you whenever you need academic help or guidance and support.  This is shaping up as an outstanding school year for all of you, and I encourage you to continue to take advantage of everything that Piper has to offer.  Join a club or athletics program and get involved in all aspects of the Bengal community.  Just reach out to your guidance counselor, a teacher, or one of your administrators, and we will help you design a wonderful experience for the balance of the school year.

    We are continuing to beautify all aspects of our campus and bring resources to your classrooms that will optimize your learning and enhance your high school experience. I know that the renovations and construction have impacted areas around the campus, but the end result will be incredible for all of us. Every Bengal deserves the best that an outstanding learning environment can provide, and I will ensure you receive it.

    So far, it’s been an incredible year for the entire Bengal community. As we move toward winter break and the end of the first semester, please remember that everyone will be taking midterms in every class this year.  This is part of our college-preparatory program that will ensure that each of you graduates college and career-ready.

    Bengal Scholars…you make me proud every single day.  I’m so fortunate to be your principal.

    Warmest regards,
    Marie Hautigan

    "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
    B.B. King