Piper High School Profile

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • A School Improvement Plan (SIP) containing specific objectives and action steps for achieving Florida's educational goals is required for all schools. The SAC has the primary responsibility for monitoring the implementation of the annual SIP. The SIP must be approved by the School Board.

    Components of the School Improvement Plan:

    • Early Warning Indicators
    • School Report Card
    • K-12 Comprehensive Reading Plan
    • Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
    • Response to Intervention (MTSS/RtI) Plan
    • Social & Emotional Learning Plan (SEL)  
    • School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan (SPBP)  
    • Attendance Plan 
    • School Counseling Plan
    • Equity Plan
    • Best Practices in Inclusive Education (BPIE)  
    • SAC Documentation
    • Cognia eProve Survey Results
    • Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Plan   


  • "We, the Piper High School Community, recognize the needs of our diverse population and are committed to ensure that all students receive an outstanding education, within a safe and secure environment."

    We are Bengals: Committed to Respect, Integrity, Scholarship, & Excellence #RISE

  • Alma Mater

  • Piper Bengal logo

  • We sing thy praises Piper High School,
    scene of cherished days.
    Our pride and spirit will be with us,
    in our future ways.
    With loyal friends beside us,
    our strength and wisdom always high.
    Our hearts within you'll stand majestic, 
    Hail to Piper High.