Principal's Message

  • John VetterSilver Ridge Community,

    Now in my third year as your principal, I am so proud of the work that is being done here at our school.  Our teachers and staff have an exceptional way of welcoming families, both new and returning to our campus.  We pride ourselves on teaching children, not subjects.  We know that every child has a story, and we want to hear them all.
    Our teachers find a way to connect with the children in the classrooms and out.  In addition to the great classroom lessons, you will see staff around town at Family nights,  Ballet recitals, Karate belt ceremonies, baseball games and cheerleading events along with many other activities.  The walls of the building, and fences on the property will never contain the love we have for our kids in and out of school.  
    As a greater part of the Davie community, we are proud to have a partnership with so many businesses in the vicinity.  Our PTO has worked very hard to make sure that our community partners feel welcome here at the school as well.  As a thriving organization, our PTO has made quite an impact.  Thousands of volunteer service hours are rendered to our great school annually and we are so happy to see the commitment.  From our Suess on the Loose, Literacy Volunteers, media center volunteers and our Watch DOGS you will likely find parents signed in to help nearly every day you arrive.  Our PTO has also helped fund new safety measures like handheld radios, and a beautiful sunshade over the primary playground.  
    There is no doubt why our school has been nicknamed "The Best in the West".  I look forward to seeing you on campus.  
    Your Proud Principal, 
    Mr. Vetter