Retention & Promotion

  • To view Broward County School Board policy regarding student retention and promotion, click here.


    Promotion of third grade students to fourth grade:
    BCPS will not rely solely on the results from the English Language Arts (ELA) portion of the new Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), for purposes of identifying students at risk for retention.  BCPS will utilize existing evidence and student measurements collected by teachers and schools regarding student performance to make informed decision regarding student promotions.  Students who are in jeopardy of not being promoted to the fourth grade will be invited to attend summer school to receive intensive reading interventions. 
    “We recognize that our teachers have been with our students in the classroom all year long – working with them on a daily basis – and know their capabilities,” said Superintendent Runcie. “Throughout the school year, teachers and school administrators monitor student progress to identify those students needing additional support and interventions. Parents and guardians are informed of their child’s progress and reading proficiency levels. We must trust our education professionals based on their expertise and experiences with our students.”