• Just Read, Florida!

    Just Read, Florida! is the statewide reading initiative that prioritizes reading in Florida's public schools and among all the community groups and volunteer organizations that support them. Just Read, Florida! is based on the latest reading research that includes emphasis on phonemic awareness (knowing that words are made up of sounds), phonics (the link between sounds and letters), vocabulary (what words mean and how to say them), fluency (the ability to read words accurately and quickly), and comprehension (the ability to understand what you read). On September 7, 2001, Governor Jeb Bush signed Executive Order 01-260 (PDF) designating Just Read, Florida! as a comprehensive and coordinated reading initiative. Florida Statute 1001.215 Charged with establishing reading as a core value in this state, Just Read, Florida! was launched with the unequivocal goal of every child being able to read at or above grade. With that goal in mind, Just Read, Florida! focuses on three main components; student success, educator quality and parent support.

  • Read at Home Plan

    To support language and literacy at home, the District has developed a Read-at-Home Plan.  The purpose is to provide parents with guidance and resources needed to help ensure their child is successful in school.  This plan includes reading and multi-sensory strategies that you can implement at home as part of your daily routine or on-the-go to make a positive impact on your child's success in school.  Click on the link below that aligns to your child's grade level.

  • ReadWorks Summer

    Summer is a great time to support your child’s reading progress! Students who don’t read much over the summer show a decline in reading performance from the end of one year to the start of the next. Reading over the summer can help your child maintain the reading gains they made during the year AND also help prepare them for next year!

  • Scholastic

    Scholatic, Inc has resources for students and families

    Scholastic Book Central

    Activities for Families

  • Starfall

    Kindergarten and Pre-K Resources

  • Ultimate Guide to Reading Comprehension

    A comprehensive guide to reading comprehension