Faculty and Staff Directory

  • The faculty and staff at Gulfstream Early Learner Center are dedicated to the unique learning experience for all of our students. As we grow and continue to increase in staff, we invite you to use the information below to contact us. The Email Contact List allows you to send an email directly to staff. If you need to email staff not listed in the Email Contact List, please contact the school for an email address.

  • Support Staff

    Additional Teacher Assistants

    Ms. Justina Rosario

    Parent Educators

    Ms. Mercedes Mercano
    Ms. Alice Romero
    Ms. Rita Tolentino

    ESE & Teacher Specialist

    Ms. Jacqueline Delgado

    Social Worker

    Ms. Lakelia Holcomb

    School Psychologist

    Ms. Amanda Torres

    Office Manager

    Ms. Jean Miller


    Mr. Dan Imbriale, Head of Facilities
    Mr. Ronnie Doe

    Campus Monitor

    Mr. Alex Santiago

  • Voluntary Pre Kindergarten

    Ms. Mary De Los Santos,Teacher
    Ms. Ester Garzon, Assistant

  • Voluntary Pre Kindergarten

    Ms. Sheryl Munoz,Teacher
    Ms. Indira Garcia, Assistant

  • Head Start- Four Year Old

    Ms. Stacy Burroughs, Teacher
    Ms. Marina Munroe, Assistant
    Ms.Gabriela Mohrer, Reading Corps Tutor

  • Head Start- Four Year Old

    Ms. Zulay Irvin, Teacher
    Ms. Mayerlig Gonzalez, Assistant
    Ms. Caryn Geiler, Reading Corps Tutor

  • Head Start- Three Year Old

    Ms. Magda Gonzalez, Teacher
    Ms. Jasmine Miller, Assistant 

  • Head Start- Three year Old

    Ms. Veronice Nava
    Ms. Chimere Hill, Assistant

  • Pre-Kindergarten ESE


    Ms. Lina Kolski, Teacher
    Ms. Lina Quintero, Assistant


    Ms. Claudia Sandoval, Teacher
    Ms. Nya Caudell, Assistant

  • Early Head Start - Toddlers

    Ms. Velma Stuart
    Ms. Carmen Mendietta
    Ms. Eladia Delrosario Gelvan

  • Early Head Start - Infants/Toddlers

    Ms. Tamara Baintin
    Ms. Monica Hlsasna
    Ms. Eladia Del Rosario Galvan