• Each teacher is to maintain a current emergency list of all students’ names, phone numbers, and addresses.  In case of an GELC logo emergency, this information will be readily at hand to contact the parents.  This information is to be in the teacher’s plan book in a folder and placed on the teacher’s desk for easy access.

    All staff members are to have a current address and telephone number on file in the office.  Every attempt must be made to keep this information accurate.  If students move or get a new telephone number, this information must be reported to the office as soon as possible.  Make sure that we have at least one current number where we can reach someone in the event of an emergency. 

    Supervision: Classroom supervision is the responsibility of all staff.  The classroom teacher, assistant, CDAs and other staff should directly and actively supervise the students at all times.  If an emergency occurs, please contact the office and request assistance to supervise/monitor your class while the situation is being handled.  Student welfare and supervision is the responsibility of ALL of the adults in the building.  Safety is a top priority and it is everyone’s duty to be sure the students have a safe and secure learning environment.

    Lost or missing child:

    1. Teacher/Assistant will report to administration/safety team and School Resource Officer that child is missing (via radio, phone, intercom, runner, etc.)
    2. Safety responders will gather relevant information: name of child, missing from location, length of time missing and begin search.
    3. School Resource Officer will determine if law enforcement officials need to be notified.
    4. Administration will contact parent and supervise the search.
    5. Administrator will notify Director regarding status of search, recovered child, etc.
    6. File after action report with district.

    Suspected maltreatment of a child:

    1. Staff member suspecting maltreatment notifies administration immediately upon making observation.
    2. Administration provides coverage for teacher/staff for class to continue to meet ratio while teacher/staff reporter exits.
    3. Staff member goes to a private office and immediately calls the Abuse Hotline to make report.
    4. Staff member completes district and Head Start forms.
    5. If suspected maltreatment is at the hands of a staff member, in addition to steps 1-4, administration notifies Director and Broward Schools Police to initiate an investigation.

    Injuries or illness requiring hospitalization or emergency treatment:

    1. Office personnel will call 911.
    2. Area will be secured.
    3. Injured person will not be moved unless necessary.
    4. Administration/Medically trained staff will stay with injured party while treatment by paramedics takes place.
    5. Parent/guardian/or emergency contact will be notified.
    6. Copy of emergency card is sent with adult accompanying the student to hospital.
    7. Names of persons involved or witnesses will be obtained.
    8. Area will be photographed and secured for evidence.
    9. Director, SIU and Community Relations will be notified.
    10. File after action report with district.

    *If the injured party is a staff member, workers comp forms should be completed, family member notified, and Worker’s Comp notified (1-800-374-4810 or 954-302-4800).

    Death of child or staff member:

    1. School Safety Team and Law Enforcement notified, school placed into code yellow to minimize movement until site is secured.
    2. Parent or next of kin notified.
    3. Crisis Team shall be requested from district staff
    4. Risk Management notified by telephone (754-321-1900) (for on campus incident)
    5. Safety Department (754-321-4200) notified by telephone (for on campus incident)
    6. File after action report with district

    Presence of a threatening individual who attempts or succeeds at gaining entrance to the facility:

    1. Code Red called on radio and announced to all on site via intercom.
    2. All classrooms and offices go into Code Red Lockdown procedure until notified otherwise.
    3. Police and Broward District Schools Police (754-321-0735) notified.
    4. Director notified.
    5. After incident is resolved, parents are notified via parent link and letter.
    6. File after action report with district
    7. Video evidence of illegal entry is secured for law enforcement.