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    The Summer Digital Learning Playground can be accessed from the

    Learning Never Closes website:


    or directly by clicking:


    In addition, the Supporting Young Learners site has added a Digital Learning Playground tab where elementary-related experiences, activities, and materials, including virtual vacations are available:




    Fairway Elementary-Learning Never Closes-Schedule

    Grade Level Office Hours available to Students and Parents

    March -June 2020.


    PreK/VPK Team- 9a.m-12p.m. 

    Kindergarten Team- 9 a.m-12p.m. 

    1st Grade- 8 a.m.-11 a.m. 

    Second Grade- 9 a.m-12p.m. 

    Third Grade- 11-2pm. 

    Fourth Grade- 9 a.m-12p.m.

    Fifth Grade- 9 a.m-12p.m. 

    ASD/ESE Services/SLP- 9 a.m-12p.m.