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    Math Superstars

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Eagle Ridge started the Math Superstars Program the week of September 28th, 2015 for all grades. Math Superstars is a voluntary enrichment program designed to help children become “super” math students. It is coordinated through the PTA at Eagle Ridge. 

    There are 20 Math Superstarsworksheets for grades 1 to 5 and 10 for Kindergarten. Students in 1st – 5th grade will complete one each week, and students in Kindergarten will complete one every other week following the schedule posted in the school website. You can access and print the worksheets from by looking for your child’s grade level, and looking for the worksheet for the current week. Worksheets are due on Tuesdays. You may assist your child by suggesting ideas for finding the solution, but avoid giving the answers. In order for the program to be effective, the students must do the thinking. Students are not expected to answer every question on the sheet, though they are encouraged to attempt as many as possible.

    Math Superstar Worksheet

    Click on the link below to access the worksheets. You do not need to print out the worksheets, you can just write your answers on a sheet of paper; be sure to include the following information and show your work:

    1.     Name

    2.     Grade

    3.     Teacher

    4.     Date

    5.     Worksheet name (i.e. Saturn 1, Venus 3, etc.)

    6.     Don't forget to show your work!


    The goal of the program is to foster students’ mathematical interest and success. Correct answers earn 1 to 4 stars, depending on difficulty.  Always show the work since partial credit is awarded. After the worksheets are graded and stars tallied by a classroom volunteer, the students will receive prizes based upon the number of stars earned.  Above all, the true reward of the program is that the students learn to become better thinkers and problem solvers.

    Math Superstars emphasizes responsibility by requiring the students to:

    o   Write his/her name on each worksheet to receive credit.

    o   Turn in the worksheet on or before Tuesday of each week.

    o   Show work for each problem.

    Stars Needed By Grade                                                  Prize                  

     K               1st– 2nd               3rd                4th-5th                                                                                         

    20                   51                    63                    58               Yogurtland / Carvel coupon                 

    39                  101                  125                  115              McDonalds treat

    59                  151                  187                  172              Publix cupcake

    78                  202                  250                  225              to be determined

    98                  252                  312                  287              Sawgrass Lanes coupon

    117                302                  374                  344              Monster Mini Golf coupon

    All students with a 90% or higher participation rate in the Math Superstars Program will be invited to eat their lunch on stage and enjoy ice cream provided by the PTA during lunch one day in April. This is an extracurricular activity, not a required one; however, we hope your child will enjoy the challenging, stimulating, and fun assignments.



    Candy Ostrow,  Co-Chair  KG-2 

    Luz Gonzalez,  Co-Chair  ESE, 3-5 

    Math Superstars Coordinators



    Carvel at Heron Lakes        Publix Supermarket          McDonalds

    5621 Coral Ridge Dr.            5950 Coral Ridge Dr.           5741 Coral Ridge Dr.

    (954)757-2760                       (954)757-4405                      (954)575-0048

    Yogurtland                            Sawgrass Lanes                  Monster Mini Golf                 

    2806 University Dr.                8501 N University Dr.         9533 Westview Dr.                 

    (954) 340-0611                       (954)722-2700                     (954) 526-5115



    Math Superstars
    Eagle Ridge Elementary
    Math's Superstar Worksheet Schedule