High School General Information

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    Alternative High School

    Our Alternative High School of Choice offers struggling students the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma or can serve as a credit recovery option for students looking to return to their original high school.  Transportation is offered to and from campus, in addition to breakfast and lunch options from our school cafeteria.

    The curriculum is developed to foster student motivation and successful achievement of the skills and competencies needed to recover credits and a grade point average (GPA). Our primary focus is to assist the student in overcoming the barriers to student achievement and any other limitations previously experienced. Our primary goal is to assist each student in learning the skills and competencies that will lead to grade-level promotion and the completion of all graduation requirements.

    What We Offer

    • A variety of graduation options
    • Shared-Time student enrollment
    • Small classroom environment
    • Various elective courses
    • Career/Technical programs
    • Mentoring programs
    • Flexible scheduling
    • Student clubs and activities
    • Career and college fairs and Field Trips

    Performance-based instruction allows the student to work to mastery. The student works at his/her own pace to achieve all subject area competencies. Students do not fail; they remediate until they are successful. Grades earned will reflect successful work only. No failing grades are issued.

    Benefits of the Alternative High School

    • Performance-Based Curriculum
    • Small Class Sizes
    • A Variety of Graduation Options
    • Shared-Time Career Training
    • Grades and Credits Reported as Earned
    • Grades and Credit Recovery
    • No Failing Grades are Issued; Students Work to Mastery
    • Career/Technical and Elective Courses Available
    • Test Prep Opportunities
      • FSA
      • ACT
      • SAT

    For additional information, contact the Guidance Department 754-321-7550