• Picture of Principal Darby

    Greetings from Principal Darby. I am pleased to welcome everyone to the 2023 -2024 school year. This will be my 27th year with Broward County Public Schools and my 7th year as a principal. The previous six years I was the principal at Royal Palm Elementary. My school location has changed, but my focus and commitment to increasing student achievement will remain a priority. The Deerfield Park Elementary (DPE)staff and I have worked collaboratively and thoroughly to devise an educational plan allowing all scholars to achieve academic success in a safe learning environment. This educational plan involves teachers, parents, and scholars. Research shows that when a team member fails to commit fully, it negatively impacts student achievement. As the principal, I will ensure all teachers are impactful team members. Teachers will be held accountable for the following: 

    • Providing consistent opportunities for all scholars to work on grade-appropriate assignments 

    • Providing intense instruction that allows scholars to do most of the thinking in the lesson 

    • Creating a learning environment in which scholars are deeply engaged in what they're learning 

    • Holding high expectations for all scholars and genuinely believing they can achieve academic success 

    Research shows that student achievement increases when these four strategies are effectively implemented. Parents and guardians, you are valuable members of DPE team. You are always the first teacher of our scholars. For our academic plan to be a success, I need your assistance. You can help your child achieve academic success by giving attention to the following: 

    • Scholars need rest - To maintain full engagement in daily activities, students need plenty of rest. Scholars should have a reasonable bedtime. Social media & text messages need to be monitored closely. 

    • Scholars must arrive at school on time - The first bell rings at 9:00, and classroom instruction begins promptly at 9:05. At DPE we value all instructional minutes. Allowing scholars to arrive late sends a message that school is not essential. Every minute counts! 

    • Get involved in your scholar's learning - Ask your child specific content questions about their day. Example - what did you read about, who were the characters, what problems were you asked to solve in math? In answering these questions, it reinforces their knowledge. 

    • Maintain constant communication with your child's teacher - The partnership between the parent/guardian and the teacher must be established early and continued throughout the school year. Research shows that the classroom teacher and parental involvement impact student achievement most. We need your support. 

    • Be a cheerleader for your child - As a parent/guardian, please understand the POWER of your words. Please remember to be a cheerleader for your child, especially when they are struggling. If they struggle continue to reiterate, they can do it and seek ways in which you can assist. If you believe they can, they will also believe they can. 

    At DPE we are committed to preparing all scholars to reach their full potential. This year our school's theme is TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. If all DPE teachers/staff, parents, and scholars, play their part, I am confident the 2023-2024 school year will be a great success. Remember, the preparation for success begins at home with you. I thank you for being a valuable member of the DPE team, and I look forward to working with you.