• A+ Supply List

    This year parent's have the option to Pre-Order supplies for their child. These will be delivered directly to the school before school begins. This is a great option for parent who do not want to fight the crowds during Back to School.

    Click here to order and the code Falcons for our school.

  • Pre-Kindergarten

    1 Extra Change of Clothing in Baggie (Label all Clothing)

    1 Small Blanket for Nap (Label)

    1 Reusable Water Bottle for Daily Usage

    1 4x6 Family Photo

    1 Standard Sized Student Backpack

    1 Box of Tissues

    1 Package of Clorox Wipes

    1 package baby wipes

    1 Package of Gallon Ziploc Baggies

    1 Package of Small Ziploc Baggies

    1 Blue Plastic folder with pockets

    1 PRIMARY composition notebook

    1 package dry erase markers

    2 Crayola Pedestal glue sticks

    1 ream of colored copy paper

    1 package of white construction paper

    1 package 16 count Crayola Primary Crayons

  • Kindergarten

    1- Book Bag (NO WHEELS)

    2- Primary Notebooks

    2- Composition Books (wide ruled)

    1- Blue plastic 2 pocket folder, no prongs

    1- Red plastic 2 pocket folder, no prongs

    1- Green plastic 2 pocket folder

    2 -folder of choice (can be decorative)

    1- ream of white copy paper

    1-pack of Construction paper

    3- 18 pack of Ticonderoga #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencils (will be used for your child only)

    1- pair of child’s scissors

    1- 24 box of Crayola Crayons

    2- Packs of Large glue sticks

    1- Pack of paper mate pink erasers

    1-pack of Expo Dry Erase markers

    1- boxes of tissues

    1- container Clorox wipes

    Boys: Gallon sized Ziplock bags

    Girls: Sandwich sized Ziplock bags

    1- pair of headphones

  • First Grade

    Backpack (no wheels)

    2 packs of #2 pencils (sharpened)

    1 pair of “Fiskers” brand child scissors

    2 poly/plastic folders

    2 pack of pink erasers

    1 pack of Crayola crayons (24 color)

    4 black/white composition notebooks- wide ruled

    1 spiral notebook- wide ruled

    1 ream of white copy paper

    4 EXPO dry erase markers- chisel tip

    2 JUMBO glue sticks

    1 pair of headphones- NOT ear buds

    1 pack of Clorox/Lysol wipes

    1 pack of baby wipes

    1 box of zip-lock bags (gallon or quart)

    2 boxes of tissues

     At Home Supplies (To Complete Homework Assignments):
    Pencils, Crayons, Scissor, Glue Stick

  • Second Grade

    1 Backpack (No Wheels)
    2 Reams of White Copy Paper
    2 Packs of Loose Leaf Paper (Wide Ruled)
    2 Packs of #2 Pencils (Pre-Sharpened)
    1 Pack of Blue Ink Pens
    1 Pack of Crayola Colored Pencils
    2 Packs of Large Glue Sticks
    1 Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers(Fine Point – Red, Blue, Green, Black)
    4 Composition Notebooks (Marble Hard Cover – Wide Ruled)
    2 Duo Tang Folders (Black, Orange)
    4 Folders with Pockets (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
    2 Boxes of Tissues

    1 Container of Clorox Lysol Wipes
    1 Box of Ziploc Gallon Bags
    1 Box of Ziploc Sandwich Bags
    1 Pair of Headphones *Labeled with Name (No Earbuds)

  • Third Grade

    2 boxes #2 pencils (pre-sharpened)

    4 2-pocket folders

    2 Wide-rule composition notebooks

    2 Wide-rule spiral notebooks

    2-4 Expo dry erase markers

    1 box Blue medium pens

    1 box Crayola crayons

    1 box Crayola washable markers

    4 large Elmer glue sticks

    1 pack Paper-mate pink erasers

    1 Scissors

    2 Highlighters

    1 Ruler with inches and centimeters

    1 ream Copy paper

    1 Pencil box

    1 Pair of headphones

    1 box Tissues

    1 container Clorox or Lysol Wipes

    1 Box Ziploc quart bags

    1 box Band-Aids

    1 bag Candy Treats for the treats bin

  • Fourth Grade

    5 Pocket Folders (No Prongs)
    2 Packs of #2 Pencils (Pre-Sharpened)
    1 Pack of Paper-Mate Pink Erasers
    2 Reams of White Copy Paper

    I pack index cards

    1 pack Expo Markers (4 pk)


    Elmer’s glue stick (4)

    I box quart ziplock bags (boys)

    1 box gallon ziplock bags (girls)

    Soft pencil case
    3 Packs of Loose Leaf Paper (Wide Ruled)
    2 Spiral Wide Ruled Notebooks
    1 Pair of Headphones or Earbuds
    1 Pack of Pens (Blue Ink)
    1 Pack of Crayola Colored Pencils
    1 Pack of Crayola Crayons (24 Count)
    2 Yellow Highlighters
    3 Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes
    1 Pack of Crayola markers
    2 Boxes of Tissues                                             

    2 composition books

  • Fifth Grade

    1 pack of Expo Dry Erase markers 

    1 package of Crayola markers

    1 box of Crayons

    2 pack of loose-leaf notebook paper (wide)

    2 boxes of #2 pencils PRESHARPENED or mechanical

    2 blue/red pens

    2 highlighters (any color)

    1 box of tissues

    1 pair of durable headphones

    1 pair of scissors

    1 hand soap (antibacterial)

    3 folders

    4 Notebooks (Spirals vs. Composition depends on teacher)

    1 Box of Ziploc Bags (Girls small/Boys large)

    Additional wishlist supplies for classrooms

    Electric Pencil Sharpener

    Colored Printer Paper


    Lysol Spray

    Candy/Party Favors for Prize Bins

    Extra supplies for students in need

  • ESE

    1 Backpack (No Wheels)
    2 Plastic Folders with Prongs
    2 Primary Composition Notebooks (Office Depot)
    2 Packs of #2 Pencils (Pre-Sharpened)
    2 Packs of Child Pencils (Thicker Ones)

    1 box 24-count crayons
    1 Pack of Paper-Mate Pink Erasers
    1 Pack of Highlighters
    1 Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers
    2 Reams of White Copy Paper
    1 Container of Clorox or Lysol Wipes
    1 Can of Shaving Cream
    2 Boxes of Tissues
    1 Box of Ziploc Gallon Bags
    1 Box of Ziploc Sandwich Bags
    1 Bag of Candy Treats for Treasure Box