Principal's Message

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    Dear Oakridge Families,

      Welcome back to another amazing school year at Oakridge Elementary! Thank you so much to all of our students, parents, faculty, and staff  for making sure we are off to a smooth start!  

      Our school faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a happy, healthy, and safe learning environment in which children can thrive. We have been working diligently to provide a high-quality, standards-based, world-class education for all students. The teachers use district adopted curriculum resources and materials, combined with their pedagogical knowledge to support all students, regardless of their level. The goal is for all students to reach on-grade level proficiency so that they can experience success. Our collective desire is to ignite a passion for learning in all children so that they become lifelong learners. 

      Our students are taught the W.I.S.E. Ways to ensure a positive, supportive learning environment in which all students learn the appropriate social behaviors. W.I.S.E. Ways are based on CHAMPs and reenforce students to be positive, responsible, safe, and respectful. Students' social emotional needs are also addressed daily utilizing mood meters. This strategy allows students to communicate how they are feeling to their teachers so that we can teach students what behaviors are appropriate based on their feelings. We teach students about the “Power of Three (3)” which encompasses the ideas of 1. Taking care of oneself, 2. Taking care of each other, and 3. Taking care of our school. This aligns well with our school-wide Positive Behavior Plan which includes CHAMPs, Wise Ways, Clip-up/Clip-down Charts, and Mood Meters. Classroom management techniques and good behavior make our learning environment more conducive to teaching and learning, ultimately leading to greater student achievement. “A” status… Here we come!

      Please help us achieve our goals by making sure that your children are in class on time every day and ready to learn. Our school hours are 8:05 am to 2:05 pm for PK through 5th grade. Students must be in class by 8:05 am. If you drive up to the gate at 8:05 am, you are late. Late students must be escorted to the front office by their parents. Parents dropping off students late must park their vehicles in a parking spot, not in the fire lane as this is illegal. Please practice patience as you drop off and pick up your children. Remember that you are their role models. Demonstrate respect and a positive attitude towards our staff and follow the rules. Your children are watching you and learning from your example.

      Get involved in education by registering to volunteer. Apply for Free or Reduced Lunch and fill out your Back-to-School Online forms. All of this can be accomplished on our school website. There is also great information about what is happening at our school. Please attend as many school events as possible, especially our School Advisory Council meetings and PTA events. Thank you for all that you do to support your child’s education! Together we are making a difference in your child’s life and making our future brighter!


    Te'Anka Pinder-Principal