Suggested School Supplies

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    Supply lists are recommended, but optional

    2 boxes of large/jumbo Crayola crayons
    2 boxes of Crayola washable markers
    2 jumbo Elmers glue sticks
    Elmers liquid glue
    Sidewalk chalk
    1 plastic folder with pockets (no prongs)
    Zip lock bags 1 box each sandwich, quart, gallon
    Large hand sanitizer
    Disinfectant wipes
    1 pair of over the ear headphones
    1 fitted crib sheet (labeled with name)
    1 small blanket (labeled with name)
    2 changes of clothes in Ziploc bag (labeled with child’s name) including socks and underwear
    1 back pack, standard size, no wheels
    1 rain jacket or poncho labeled with name (optional)

    2 boxes (24 count) Crayola Crayons
    1 box (10 count) Crayola Markers
    1 pair of children’s scissors
    2 primary style composition notebooks
    4 large glue sticks
    1 wired headphone set
    1 set of Crayola Water color paints
    1 black Sharpie Marker
    1 clipboard
    1 box of Ziploc baggies: Boys: Sandwich sized, Girls: Gallon Sized
    12 pk Fat pencils
    12 pack thin pencils
    1 pack of baby wipes
    1 Red Plastic Folder, 2 pockets and 3 pronged
    1 Yellow plastic 2 pocket folder
    1 plastic pencil box
    1 pk Dry Erase Markers
    Optional Items:
    Hand Sanitizer
    Copy Paper
    Side Walk Chalk
    Recess Toys (Balls, Hula Hoops)

    1st Grade:
    1 full size backpack, no rolling
    2 composition books WIDE RULE (not college lined)
    - Black
    - Green
    1 pair of blunt scissors
    24 sharpened pencils
    1 box of colored pencils
    2 pocket folders
    - Blue
    - Red
    1 pencil sharpener with cover
    2 boxes of Crayola crayons
    4 fat glue sticks
    2 White block erasers
    1 small plastic pencil box
    1 yellow highlighter
    1 pack of black dry erase markers
    1 wired headphone set
    1 box of Kleenex
    Boys - 1 gallon size bags
    Girls - 1 quart size bags

    2nd Grade
    24 pencils
    1 box - 24 Crayons
    1 box - 10 Color Markers
    1 pair of Scissors
    2 Marble Wide Rule Notebooks
    2 Glue Sticks
    1 Wired Headphones (no bluetooth type)

    3rd Grade:
    24-48 pencils
    4 pk. Dry-erase Markers
    4 Wide-Ruled Composition Books
    4 Folders (pockets with prongs)
    1 Pair of Scissors
    4 pk. Highlighters
    1 Box of Crayons
    1 Box of Colored Pencils
    4 Large Glue Sticks
    1 Pencil Pouch (NO BOXES)
    1 Wired Headphones (No Bluetooth Type)

    4th Grade:
    1 Personal set of headphones or earbuds (headphones preferred) 
    1 personal manual pencil sharpener (not battery powered)
    1 Personal pencil bag 
    6 Composition books (any color)
    7 Heavy Duty pocket Folders (red, yellow, orange, blue, green, black, purple)
    2 Boxes of 24 no. 2 pencils 
    1 pack colored pencils
    2 large pink erasers
    1 package of glue sticks
    1 pack of dry erase markers
    3 highlighters (different colors) 
    1 pack of black or blue pens
    1 pack of lined paper

    5th Grade:
    All Students:

    pencil pouch
    headphones or earbuds
    4 notebooks
    3 plastic folders
    colored pencils
    1 pack sharpened pencils
    1 pack of cap erasers
    1 pack lined paper
    1 pack of glue sticks
    1 pack of index cards
    1 pack black dry erase markers
    Optional supplies:
    computer paper for home

    Autism Special Program:
    1 box gallon zip lock bags
    1 box sandwich size zip lock bags
    1 box of tissues 
    1 box of Crayola crayons
    1 box of Crayola markers
    1 box of pencils
    1 pkg of Vis-à-vis wet erase markers
    1 pkg of Expo dry erase markers
    1 sharpie (permanent)marker
    1 3 ring binder
    2 plastic folders
    3 spiral notebooks
    4 jumbo Elmer’s glue sticks
    Optional items:
    baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, playdough, sidewalk chalk, non- toxic paint