• Greetings! Buenos Dias! Bonjou! 

    WELCOME BACK TO THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR AT THE Sensational Sunshine Elementary School - WHERE This year We are happy to welcome all stakeholder back as we embark on DESTINATION LEARNING… Ready, Set, Go!  

    The  2020-2021 school year challenged all of us to find a new normal for learning and connected us in new and deeper ways. What I have most learned through this COVID-19/Distance Learning journey, is how much I appreciate the resiliency that our teachers, parents and students bring to Sunshine, the ways in which our students continue to work hard to grow, and the endless support from our parents and passionate staff. Even under circumstances we have never experienced, we are still a caring and supportive community!  I am so grateful for that.  

    So, as we embrace the 2021-2022 school year, our goal at Sunshine is to not only find our new normal, but to utilize this time as a learning experience that will forever enhance the learning environment at Sunshine. The beginning of the year may be a period of adjustment but let us collectively push ourselves to re-engaging in this face-to face setting being flexible as modifications are made to ensure we adhere to the CDC guideline.   

    So, what are some expectations for this school year? We ask for your patience and understanding as we work diligently to identify your child instructional needs and hope that collaboratively we can work to address the concerns. We ask that you take an active role in our school’s PTO (Parent, Teacher Organization), School Advisory Council, School Advisory Forum or sign up to volunteer.  Lastly, we ask that you share any information that will assist us in providing the best possible learning environment for your child. 

    As Principal, you can count on me to lead from the heart. Meeting you where you are and helping you to climb any mountain or hurdle that you may face. I am truly excited to welcome our students back to the building! It is my hope that we forge a relationship  that keeps us connected and committed to what makes Sunshine Sensational: Our diversity, compassion, and commitment to all of our Sunshine Elementary Students!  

    Welcome back as we embark upon DESTINATION LEARNING… Ready, Set, Go! 


    Educationally yours, 

    Donna Aaron, Principal