• Principal Egelsky

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year Dave Thomas Education Center and Charles Drew Family Resource Center staff, students, parents and community.

    We are proud of the many changes and improvements to our school to "create the standard." We will always be "Relentless4Excellence." We must first acknowledge and understand how and why Dave Thomas Education Center exists. Dave Thomas is the founder of the Wendy's restaurant chain. He dropped out of high school and began a military career and worked under his friend Colonel Saunders at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Wanting to LEAD he began the Wendy's franchises. Through all his success Dave Thomas felt a void in not finishing high school so he went back to school to earn his GED. Dave felt he wanted to give back to the community, so he founded Dave Thomas Education Center. He also was an advocate and representative for foster children.

    AS we continue his vision of working with students who are academically behind or returning to school to earn their high school diploma, we designed the motivational model of LEAD-FOLLOW-SHIFT. We will have a purpose and plan in how we operate and in everything we do. We will continue to provide our students and staff with the highest standard of instruction, the highest standard of customer care, and the highest standard of professionalism. We will succeed by following three simple principles. These principles are accountability, responsibility, and reliability. We all understand that "hope" is not a strategy for SUCCess.

    But we also firmly believe that:

    "We work the hardest...

    We are known the least...

    But we are the reason WHY!"

    That belief will carry us past COVID-19 and ANY obstacles we will face to be successful and create the standard.

    Sincerely and passionately,

    Perry M. Egelsky, M.Ed., Principal