Visual & Performing Arts Program


    Magnet Program  



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    The Visual Arts program introduces students to the elements and principals of art and design. Students learn line, color, texture, value, space, shape, and form through different mediums and materials. Drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and sculpture are explored. Emphasis, balance, harmony, variety, movement, rhythm, proportion and unity are learned through different styles and movements of art like realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstraction, conceptualism and multi-cultural techniques. Art students also enter local contests, competitions, and exhibitions.


    The band program consists of three levels of learning (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced). Band students will be eligible to participate in performances both on and off school campus.


    This curriculum teaches skills for stage directing including the development of voice (public speaking skills), movement, script directing, script reading and analysis, use of the stage, playwriting, creative dramatics, and stage performance. In addition the fundamentals of stage design, sound, costuming, makeup and puppetry. Students learn leadership, self-discipline, self -confidence and group interaction skills. All drama students are eligible to participate in the theater workshops and field trips.

    Show Choir

    The student will learn to sing using solfege and other vocal techniques such as breathing, diction, vocal projection, stage directions and basic dance movements. All show choir students will be exposed to different styles of choral literature such as multi-cultural, Broadway, contemporary and classical. All show choir students are eligible to attend field trips and/ or perform at school and throughout Broward County.

    String Orchestra

    Students in the string orchestra will have an opportunity to learn and experience the orchestra through a traditional orchestral setting of violins, violas, cellos and string basses using hands-on curriculum. Students who enroll in string orchestra will be eligible to attend field trips and to perform at school and throughout Broward County.