Principal's Message

  •  Ms. Duhart

           Message to the North Andrews Gardens Panther Family:


           Creating a Firm Foundation on Unfamiliar Ground

    Usually, foundations are laid after surveying the land and a long list of prep work is completed. That is the most optimal way to start a building. This year, we have been tasked to continue educating your children and our students, during these unusual circumstances. Rest assured, North Andrews Gardens educators are up to the task. Thinking outside of the box is nothing new for us.  Every year we find new and innovative ways to educate young minds, as we celebrate their different learning styles, different personalities and diverse backgrounds. It is our goal to create a firm building block that gets them from one level to the next. This year’s business is anything but usual. As Principal, it is my vision that we use our creativity and flexibility, coupled with a willingness to try new things to make this year a success! 

           The BEST is Yet to Come!


    Adverse situations spark creative solutions that last a lifetime!


    Principal Duhart