Learning Explorations at Ramblewood

Students sitting on the floor in the library reading
  • Reading and Writing

    Students learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language at an early age. At our school, we provide students with the skills necessary to be successful from their school years through their careers. Our reading and writing instruction helps students use a balance of informational and literary resources. It also provides opportunities to use academic vocabulary in speaking and writing. Students also learn how to write using text-based evidence.

  • Mathematics

    Our mathematics instruction builds conceptual understanding, develops students’ procedural fluency, and promotes higher order thinking skills. In learning and understanding mathematics, our students develop “habits of mind”. They learn math strategies, talk about the math they are learning, and solve problems. These mathematical practices help students learn to apply mathematics to real world situations. 

    The Sunshine Math Program is an extra-curricular math enrichment program designed to enhance your child’s journey through mathematics. Students can participate in this program simply by completing the Sunshine Math enrichment worksheet once a week. The worksheet will be handed out by your child’s teacher every Monday and will need to be returned by Friday of the same week in order to earn credit. By completing the enrichment worksheet once a week, your child has the opportunity to be a participant of this program, earn star points and Ram Bucks for awards, and also grow as an independent learner. Students will be able to purchase items from the Sunshine Math Store with their Ram Bucks. You may help read the problems to your child, offer suggestions, or strategies, but please do not give the answers.

    Attempting 2-3 problems each day is recommended.

    In order for the program to be effective, the student must do his or her own thinking. The program is designed to promote higher level math thinking skills at age appropriate levels. 

    Remember MATH and READING are the key foundations for your child’s success!

    If you have additional questions or would like to assist as a Sunshine Math grader, please contact us at sunshinemath@ramblewoodpto.com.

  • Science

    Science helps our students engage in inquiry-based learning from a critical thinking approach. Engaging lessons allow students to experience science directly or through rich multimedia. Our instructional approach puts students in positions to research and find solutions.

  • Social Studies

    Social Studies helps our students develop informed and logical decisions for the public good. As citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society, and interdependent world, we teach our students how to be informed citizens. The foundation for Social Studies teaches our students to ask questions and think about topics in areas of American history, geography, economics, civics, and government.