Bilingual/English Speakers of Other Languages

  • The Bilingual/ESOL Department is committed to providing rigorous academics, promoting community involvement, and delivering quality services to English Language Learners, multilingual families, schools, and district offices. The department offers the following services and programs:

    • ESOL Program
    • Dual Language Program
    • World Languages Program
    • International Welcome Center (Parent Outreach Office)
    • Interpretations / Translations 
  • Dual Language

    What is Dual Language?

    Dual Language Program are those in which two languages are used for instruction in English and another Language.

    The Program adheres to high expectations and rigorous standards for all students.

    The Program incorporates English-speaking student with student whose native language is one other than English.

    The Program develops oral, written, and reading proficiency in both languages.

    Goal of the Program

    The Broward County Public School Dual Language Program offers a school within school approach to second language acquisition education.  The goal of the program is to provide student with the opportunity to become fully bilingual by learning listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and a second language.

    Benefits of a Dual Language Program

    Students need to meet the demands of today’s global society and economic opportunities.

    Prepares students for college and career readiness.

    Develops higher order thinking skills as students learn a second language.

    Knowledge learned through one language facilitates acquisition of the second language.

    Students benefit from cognitive advantages associates with second language acquisition.

    Promotes multicultural awareness and appreciation for other language sand cultures.

    Promotes parental choice in their child’s education.

    Description of the Program

    The Dual Language Program will begin in Kindergarten.  Students who participate in the program will continue at the next grade level the following year.

    Students will learn the second language in content.  Language Arts, social studies and math are taught in English and Spanish.

    Students will receive one and a half hour daily of instruction I n Spanish in language arts and social studies.

    Ramblewood's Dual Language Program is offered at Kindergarten through 4th grade.  Each year another grade level will be added.