Principal's Message

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     Dear Parents,

    We are thrilled to welcome our returning scholars as well  as those students joining us for the first time. Our schoolwide theme  is "Building our Future - One Piece at A Time." We felt it was an  appropriate theme as we welcomed students back on campus after 19 months. The students were excited to return, their giggles and  chatter filled the halls. Teachers and staff were also excited to welcome students back to class.

    We began the school year by engaging the students in activities designed to acclimate them back to campus; as well as SEL or Social Emotional Learning lessons designed to put them at ease and dispel any anxiety they may feel. Parents, please complete the forms sent home in the first day green folder and return them to school as soon as possible. You are encouraged to complete the forms online in lieu of returning the paper copies. Communication from home to school will be done by newsletter, weekly parent links, Class Dojo and our Private Facebook Page.

    Should you need to contact me or the Assistant Principal, Dr. Cooper - please call the Front Office. I thank you for your support and look forward to working with you in order to make this a great year for our children.

    Warm Regards,

    Shereen R. Reynolds