Principal's Message

  • Principal Pontillo


    Be Even Better Together - CPE 2022-2023

    Dear Parents: 

    Coral Park Elementary School’s staff is extremely excited for the 2022-23 school year.  We are anxious to meet our new families and reconnect with our returning families.  As CPE’s principal, I am so proud of our entire school community—our staff, our students, and our parents. Last year we truly rallied together as we navigated through the changing tides of the pandemic to meet our students’ social, emotional, and academic needs. Our teachers and staff worked strategically to build learning opportunities that would address each student’s unfinished learning resulting in amazing academic growth in our student achievement levels. Our fabulous PTA provided our Coral Park families with many opportunities to come together for family and friend time in a fun and safe environment.  

    Our staff and PTA are eager and ready to build upon these successes and positive trends this school year. We will continue to establish a foundation of kindness and build upon it by recognizing and accepting each other's uniqueness, abilities, and individuality. We invite you to join us and embrace our school's theme of "Be Even Better Together!” as we guide our school community to: 

    Be Respectful 

    Be Responsible 

    Be Safe 

    Be Kind 

    Be Inclusive 

    I am confident that as a school community, we will continue to collaborate to provide our students with a positive and successful school that I am sure we can all agree that our children deserve.   


    Your very proud principal,                    

    Camille Pontillo