Principal's Message

  • Principal Pontillo Dear Parents: 

    Welcome to Coral Park Elementary (CPE) for the 2021-22 school year!  The past 18 months have presented many challenges for our students, staff, and parents.  I am confident that as a school community, we will come together and work together to provide our students with a positive school that I am sure we can all agree that our boys and girls deserve.   

     As an “A” rated   Title 1 School, we currently service over 525 students from Pre-K to 5th grade.  Our dedicated and passionate staff is committed to fostering a learning environment where safety, respect, accountability, and support are highly evident. At Coral Park, we embrace a growth mindset that encourages learners to seek, examine, experience and develop by embracing learning opportunities.  While focusing on academics, we also support and develop the social and emotional well-being of our students.   At CPE, we encourage and promote kindness as well as recognizing and accepting each other's uniqueness, abilities, and individuality.  We invite you to join with us and embrace our school's theme “Let It Be” as we craft an environment to  

    Be Respectful 

    Be Responsible 

    Be Safe 

    Be Kind 

    Be Inclusive 

    Program options include: 

    • Full day Pre-K - Parents now have the option of Free VPK throughout the school year with an optional fee based extended day enrichment program.
    • Blended/Personalized Learning Program - Our teachers utilize different faucets of technology to provide a personalized learning model to support each students academic needs.
    • “A”-Team Special Program – This program is designed to support our Pre-K through fifth grade students who have been identified with special needs.
    • As part of the Coral Springs Zone, we are a “Quantum” school.  As a Quantum school, we prepare our students to participate in our middle and high schools’ rigorous and challenging academic options. 

    Student In-School Opportunities, include but are not limited to: 

    • Our specials include Art, Music, and Media on a three-day rotation.  In addition, all students participate in thirty minutes of physical education through their classroom teacher as well as 20 minutes of recess daily.
    • Students in K through 5th grade receive grade level appropriate lessons in student success skills delivered by our highly qualified and experienced school counselor.
    • Our renowned Play Pal program partners 3rd through 5th grade students with students that have special needs in grades K to 5. The program aims to integrate and help students with special needs to receive athletic, academic and social peer support. 
    • We develop and promote leadership skills through Safety Patrols and Student Council for students in our intermediate grades. 
    • WCPE broadcasts our live daily news with student news anchors, producers, and camera crew. 

     Student Afterschool Opportunities, include but are not limited to:  

    • Afterschool care is offered for a fee onsite from 2 to 6 pm through Community Afterschool Programs (CAS).   
    • Under the direction of our music teacher, chorus and ukulele clubs are offered for our third, fourth, and fifth grade students.  
    • We offer a variety of afterschool opportunities such as Art, Math, and Debate Clubs.  For an additional fee, our local businesses offer Cheerleading, Drama, and Taekwondo opportunities on our campus. 

    Parent Enrichment and Outreach Opportunities: 

    • Principal and Parent Chats - This is an opportunity for the parent community to have an informal but informative chat with the principal.  Please refer to the school calendar online for these dates or call the front office. 
    • Parent Informational Sessions – These interactive sessions are designed to help you gain a greater understanding of strategies to support your child’s needs in literacy, math, and science. You will receive information throughout the year as to the dates and times of these sessions. 
    • School Advisory Council (SAC) and School Advisory Forum (SAF) are opportunities for parents to have an active voice in framing the school and district policies.  We encourage all parents to participate in these opportunities. 
    • Become an active member of Coral Park’s PTA.  PTA coordinates numerous events and activities to support our students and families.  PTA membership information is located within your student’s first day packets. 

    Please be sure to visit our website at for up to date information. I look forward to the collaborative effort of all our stakeholders--students, parents, and staff as we strive for a year of academic, social and emotional excellence in a kind and supportive learning environment. 

    “Let It Be” a  great school year! 

    Your very proud principal,  

    Camille Pontillo