Principal's Message

  • Stephen DeCotis

    Sawgrass Families,
    Welcome back from what I hope was a relaxing winter break. Now is the time to get your children to focus again on academics. We know how busy everyone is, but a great New Year's Resolution would be to read with your child every night, if you don't already. It is a wonderful chance to really bond with them. Don't only read the book, ask questions about what you read with them. Reading comprehension is as important as the skill of reading. The new year brings new opportunities to be involved with your family by attending exciting school events. The Sawgrass Family Literacy Night and the Panther Prowl are right around the corner. Also, think about how you can help your children both at home and at school. Consider getting involved at Sawgrass. Join our amazing PTA.  Please contact the PTA at to inquire about how you can help.  Our School Advisory Council or SAC is yet another opportunity to get involved.  The SAC includes representatives of the school's staff, parents and community members and meetings take place once a month.  This group works collaboratively to develop plans for continual school improvement.  
    Parent-Teacher Conferences - 
    • Prepare questions. Conferences are short, so write down all the questions that you want to ask the teacher.  
    • Don’t just discuss grades. Inquire about your child’s work ethic, relationships with other children, behavior in class and attitude towards learning.  
    • Alert the teacher to what’s happening at home. Providing a heads-up about a situation will let the teacher understand why there’s been a change in attitude or performance. (For example, it may be helpful for the teacher to know if there is stress at home from schedule changes, a new baby, loss of a job, etc.)  
    • Be prompt. Don’t lose a moment of your opportunity to discuss your child.  
    • Maintain a positive and upbeat attitude. By acting cooperatively if something negative comes up, you and the teacher can resolve the situation.  


    Parent Reminders 

    Attendance - Please make sure that your child(ren) are in attendance as much as possible. and on time for school.  We regard each moment here at Sawgrass as "teachable moments" or "Aha Moments" for our students.  When they miss school, these moments can also be missed. We always understand that illness and other life priorities occur, but we encourage all of you to  keep doing your absolute best to be in school and on time.  Thank you!  

    Dismissal Areas – We ask parents in the car line to remain in their cars and continue moving the vehicle up until your child is picked up. Parents, if you are meeting students that are walkers, please park your vehicle and stand at the designated walker area (grassy area between sidewalk and marquee) to meet your child.   

    In Service,
    Mr. DeCotis, Principal