Principal's Message

  • Stephen DeCotis

    Sawgrass Families,

    I personally want to thank each and every one of you for a very successful year with our students. Test scores were amazing, with growth in all areas. We even had several students get prefect scores on the state tests. Our dedicated teachers and staff worked tirelessly to help make that possible. We have an amazing group of volunteers. Our PTA as always helped make the school year fulfilled for both our students and staff. Parent participation in school events and activities was wonderful. I am looking forward to an even better year in the Fall.

    To make that possible, parents please remember to continue to both teach and learn from your kids. Continue to read with them, asking questions about what they read. How that felt about what they read, was it fun, was it interesting, what was the best part or the worse part of the story. Learn about how your child feels about the story. By asking these types of questions you will learn all sorts of things about your child.

    When it comes to math, have them go to the store with you over summer. Ask them to help figure out which product cost more, or simply if I need 10 apples and I only have 3 so far, how many more do I need? There are all sorts of day to day things that involve math. Shapes are everywhere, you can help them identify them. Be sure to practice the multiplication tables if your child is going to be going into third grade. This will give them a head start.

    I know everyone has a busy life, and summer is the time to enjoy but don’t forget learning can be just as enjoyable to a child when there are so many amazing things to discover in the world.

    Enjoy every moment with your children this summer and everyone at Sawgrass looks forward to see you back in the Fall.

    In Service,
    Mr. DeCotis, Principal