Community Service Hours

  • Community Service Coordinators

    Treshell Williams (754) 322-2317 ---Room 117 (beside bookeeper)
    Cheryl Petruzella (754) 322-2306 ---Room 103 (across from student affairs)

    Effective immediately any service hours obtained from organizations or clubs without a log will not be accepted. Please ensure that upon completing hours that the organization(s) and/or club(s) complete the Taravella log (which can be located on Taravella’s website). Certificates are an addition, but do not count as documentation for hours completed.

    Also, please be aware that service hours must be obtained via a non-profit organization only. An approval form (which can be located on Taravella’s website) must be completed and submitted prior to completing any hours for hours that are not at a non-profit organization. If you are unsure if the organization is acceptable please see Ms. Williams or Mrs. Petruzella prior to starting hours.  

    Examples of acceptable locations for hours: Nursing homes, libraries, schools, hospitals. Students are encouraged to visit the counselor connection on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday during your lunch for community service opportunity; as well as in the School counseling department. Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays after school until 3pm in the school counseling office.



    Service Hours Page
    Community service has long been an important part of student life at Taravella High School. Our students have devoted hundreds of thousands of hours of their time and energy to worthwhile community projects.The School Board of Broward County has made community service (Service Learning) a requirement for graduation.

    Students receiving a standard diploma must complete 40 hours of approved service. Students applying for the three Florida Bright Futures Scholarships have different service hour requirements; check with Ms. Gitten, BRACE advisor, for details.  Students who complete 250 hours of approved service are eligible to wear the silver cord at graduation.

    Where can I perform my service?
    You can serve at almost any non-profit agency or organization; public parks, libraries, hospitals, schools, churches or charities are typically acceptable. A pamphlet, "The Service Learning Graduation Requirement and the Student Volunteer Service Program," is available in the guidance office and will answer many of your questions regarding acceptable types of service. In addition, the Digital Bulletin regularly lists volunteer/service opportunities. Hundreds of service opportunities are available at Volunteer Broward's web site It is also a good idea to review the Broward Schools student volunteer policies and guidelines which are available here: Volunteer Policies and Guidelines.

    How do I keep track of my service hours?
    You should record your service hours on a Volunteer Hours Log Sheet which you can download from this page. Take your log sheet with you every time you earn service hours; record the date, time and activity and have your agency supervisor/contact person sign it. When your record totals 40 hours you have satisfied the graduation requirement. You will also use the Volunteer Hours Log Sheet for any hours beyond the first 40. When you submit service hours as a volunteer, you must also present your signed copy of your application/approval form. Application/approval forms are not required for school-sponsored activities.

    Where do I turn in my completed "Service Learning Record?"

    Where can I get more information about Volunteer Service?