SBHS Bulldog Battalion JROTC

Military uniform with a patch of the American flag on the arm

    JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.  Our mission is to "Motivate young people to be better citizens".  We offer credits and certifications to help your child prepare for college, career, and life.   We offer valuable lessons in leadership, character development, and citizenship.  Our program is an honor unit with distinction."


    JROTC Scholarship Information

    Benefits of joining JROTC

    • College Preparation
    • ACT/SAT Preparation
    • CPR Certification
    • Physical/Fine Arts Credits
    • Service Hour Opportunities
    • Resume or College Application Help
    • Establish Winning Colors for Future Career Help
    • Scholarship Opportunities
    Battalion Goals
    1. Ensure that cadets are ready for college, career, and life
    2. Ensure that cadets are prepared for SAT/ACT
    3. Ensure cadets get credits needed for graduation
    4. Ensure cadets get half the service hours needed to graduate in just one year of being in the program
    5. Ensure cadets get the scholarship they want to earn
    6. Ensure cadets achieve academic excellence
    7. Ensure cadets have a chance to grow and have self discipline


    Senior Army Instructor (SAI): Sergeant Major (SGM) Benjamin Logsdon

    Army Instructor (AI): Army Instructor (SFC) Sergeant First Class Denise George