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    Army Instructor- Sargeant First Class George

    Staff Meetings

    Tuesdays @ 2:45 PM


    To motivate young people to be better citizens!

    Club Colors

    Blue, Green, Brown, Red



    Staff Name Rank
     Cadet Liliana Flores BC/LTC
     Cadet Leeann Kholer  XO/MAJ 
     Cadet Ayanna Rivera CSM/CSM
     Cadet jada almonte  S-1/2LT
     Cadet Tyler Rock S-2/2LT
     Cadet Ciera Ondo S-3/2LT
     Cadet Steven Brown S-4/2LT
     Cadet Rafael Angarita S-5/2LT
     Cadet Jonathan Grant S-6/2LT
     Cadet Santana Bigley S-7/2LT
    Battalion Goals 
    1.Ensure that 90% of all enrolled cadets have a minimum of 30 service hours by the end of first semester and 50 by the end of the school year.
    2.Ensure that all cadets are prepared to take a college readiness test and that all Junior and Seniors successfully take a test such as the SAT/ACT

    Important Websites

    JROTC website