Principal's Message

  • Ms. Brown Dear South Broward Family,

    As the proud principal of South Broward High School, I am so excited to welcome you back for the 2020-2021 School Year!

    We have faced the unimaginable with a global pandemic and social unrest in our country. We have faced new norms for how we live, how we relate to each other, how we work and how we learn. However, in true Bulldog fashion, these new norms have bonded us and made us creative as we engage in physical distancing, not social distancing. We have united in our commitment to dismantling systemic inequalities and social injustice as we forge ahead together amidst unrest. My heart has been warmed by the number of students, parents, teachers, and staff members that have reached out to ask the needed question “What can I do?”  It is that question that will continue to move our campus, our community, and our nation in a direction that embraces diversity, inclusion, and needed change.

    At South Broward, we are passionate about identifying and removing barriers in our educational and social practices that may limit opportunities for our students. It is imperative ALL our students feel wanted, included, and empowered to positively impact their lives and the lives around them.

    South Broward's staff is committed to the success of each and every Bulldog as we begin the school year in a rigorous full eLearning model centered around high standards, coupled with an intentional focus on social and emotional learning and growth for all students.  Our teachers have been participating in various professional development sessions throughout the summer as they prepare to engage our students LIVE during regularly scheduled blocks on red and gold days.  

    I am confident in knowing that if anyone can adjust and provide the best possible education on our new e-learning platform, it’s South Broward! 



    Patty Brown