• Open House

    We will be holding an open house on December 7th, at 6:00pm

  • Want more than a high school diploma?

    Creek Technical Academy

    Coconut Creek High School

    Explore our partnership with Atlantic Technical College. Career Dual Enrollment (CDE) is an option for high school students to enroll in postsecondary courses creditable toward both high school graduation and a career and technical program certificate.

  • Benefits of Creek Technical Academy:

    • AICE Diploma Option
    • Students receive two additional quality points on their weighted GPA for every technical course completed with a grade of “C” or better.
    • Earn college credits after completing a technical program that transfers to Broward College or other 2-year colleges within the Florida college system.
    • Earn a nationally recognized industry credential and/or state license in your program of study.
    • Free tuition for high school students.
    • Start working at a skilled job and increase your earning potential immediately following graduation, while attending college.


    • 2.5 Unweighted GPA
    • FSA Math and English score of 3 or above


    Contact Jill Ridinger, Magnet Coordinator 754-322-0416

    Architecture and Construction

    • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology
    • Building trades and construction design technology
    • Drafting (stem)
    • Electricity

    Business Management & Administration  

    • Accounting Operations
    • Business Management and Analysis
    • Administrative Office Specialist
    • Legal Administrative Specialist
    • Medical Administrative Specialist

    Health Sciences  

    • Dental Assistant
    • Electrocardiograph Technology
    • Medical Assisting
    • Mental Health Technician
    • Orthopedic Technology
    • Patient care technician
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Practical Nursing

    Hospitality & Tourism

    • Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts

    Information Technology

    • Oracle Academy: Database Application Development & Programming
    • Cisco Academy: Network Support Services
    • Web Development    
    • Cloud Computing
    • Applied Information Technology 


    • Applied welding technology
    • Computerized manufacturing (machining)

    Transportation, distribution, and logistics

    • Collision repair and refinishing
    • Automotive service technician
    • Avionics