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    Ms. Chamber's Counselor Corner
    Hello Plantation family, I am your new school counselor, Ms. Chambers.  I look forward to working with everyone this school year.  
    It isn't selfish to care about yourself. It's essential. With today's current pandemic, we are reminded of the airline instructions to "secure your own oxygen mask before helping others." Mindfulness is a great way to provide self-care to help you and your students mitigate stress and improve your sense of wellness. Daily practice is key, so aim for consistency!
    Wear White 
    Join us and wear WHITE on Peace Across Broward Day, September 21st. The unity and color represent equality, fairness, and protection while encouraging peace, calm, comfort, and hope.
    Kids of Character
    As the month of September begins so do the Kids of Character. 
    To view resources and lessons on cooperation please read below
    People who cooperate realize:
    "We can do more working together than I can do alone."
    "Every person has a unique contribution to make to the group."
    "Success is gained when everyone works together."
    "Two heads are better than one."
    "Things in life come easier if you know how to get along and cooperate with others."
    People show others how to cooperate by...
    Listening to other peoples' opinions and including others' ideas.
    Being supportive of other peoples' ideas, even when you might not agree with them.
    Cheerfully working with any partner, you are assigned so as not to hurt their feelings.
    Greeting visitors and making them feel welcome.
    Staying out of cliques.
    Taking only your fair share, when offered something.

    Broward County Schools Family Counseling Program (FREE)

    The Family Counseling Program, School Board of Broward County Florida is committed to the goal of helping students reach their maximum potential in the
    classroom while promoting optimal mental health and family functioning.

    School counselors promote and enhance achievement with an annual comprehensive school counseling plan that ensures that every student receives school counseling services. Credentialed school counselors provide comprehensive counseling programs that incorporate prevention and intervention with continuous academic, career, and personal/development activities that will prepare them for meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world. These activities include classroom guidance, small groups for skill mastery, individual counseling for students with specific needs, and a variety of other proactive and innovative ways to support student performance. 

    School counselors implement a program based on the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. They also provide resources to staff, students, families, and others to ensure that a family-friendly environment is established and ensure that students have access to a safe school climate necessary for academic and social/emotional growth.

    Parents are always welcome to come in or call (754) 321-1590 for assistance or advice.

  • Maureen Chambers, School Counselor

    Maureen Chambers

    School Counselor

    Phone Number: (754) 321-1590

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