BCPS Mobile App

  • The BCPS Mobile App allows parents and families to stay connected in real-time with information on students academic performance, account balances, bus pick-up and drop-off times and so much more. 

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  • See your child’s personalized information through your smart device anytime, anywhere. You can receive information via text, email, or phone.
    REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to receive secure student specific information.
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App Features

  •  Academics

    • Real-time daily attendance (grades k-12)
    • Real-time student assignments (grades 6-12)
    • Weekly class grade updates (grades 6-12)
    • Class schedules (grades K-12)
    • Quarterly class grades (grades 3-5)

    Bus Transportation

    • Route assignments
    • Pick-up and drop-off times
    • Map of bus stop locations


    • Meal menus
    • Account Balances
    • Account alerts

Stay Connected with 2 Easy Steps 

  •  cell phone
    Step 1

    Register for Secured Personalized Access

    Register Now

    Step 2

    Download the Mobile App

    google play


    Complete the registration process using one of these browsers:


    • Firefox version 47 or greater
    • Chrome version 52 or greater
    • Safari version 10.11 or greater


    • Firefox version 47 or 48
    • Chrome latest version
    • Microsoft Edge



  • Step 1

    IMPORTANT: You will need your child’s Student ID, date of birth and name of school in order to register.

    step 1 Go to browardschools.com/mobileapp. Click on “registration.”

    You must register from a laptop or desktop computer; do not use a smartphone or tablet.

    Read the important information, then click “continue.”

  • Step 2

    step 2 Enter requested parent information. An asterisk * means information is required. Click “continue” when done.

  • Step 3

    step 3 This screen asks for your child’s information (student #, date of birth and last or current school). An asterisk * means information is required.

    Click “continue” when done.

  • Step 4

    Now you have two choices, to either add a second child or complete the process for one child.step 4

    To add another child into the BCPS system, click on the “I want to add another child” button. This will take you back to steps 2-4.

  • Step 5

    step 5 When you see the “Thank you for Registering...” message, you have completed the registration process.


What Happens Next

  • You will receive two email messages from bcpsmobile@browardschools.com.

    1. The first email is a registration completion confirmation. NOTE: Once you receive your temporary password, you will be able to sign into the BCPS Mobile App!

    2. The second email provides the ability for you to provide additional Back to School information.

  • Topic:  Installation of the App

    Question:  How do I install the BCPS Mobile App on an Apple iPhone Device?


    1. Visit the Apple App Store to download the Apple iPhone version of the BCPS Mobile App.
    2. Search for Broward County Public Schools.
    3. Select “Get” and then “Install.”  You will need to enter your Apple account password.
    4. After the App has been installed, select “Open.”

    Question:  How do I install the BCPS Mobile App on an Android Device?


    1. Visit the Google Play Store to download the Android version of the BCPS Mobile App.
    2. Search for Broward County Public Schools.
    3. Follow the directions on the screen to install the app.

  • Topic:  Registration Process

    Question:  How do I register to receive a Username and Password?


    1. Click on this registration link and fill out the brief online form that asks for parent and student information. You need to have your child’s student number, date of birth and school to register, along with your email address. Your email address will become your username.
    2. Once you have submitted the mobile app registration form, you will receive an email notification stating that your application has been received.
    3. Once your account is activated, you will receive a second email with a password.

  • Topic:  Log in Process

    Question:  How do I log into the BCPS Mobile App?


    1. Once you receive your password via email, you can now log into the BCPS Mobile App.
    2. Open the App, click on Parent Sign On icon.
    3. Enter your Login ID (which is your email address), and the password sent to you via email.
    4. Click "Log In."

  • Topic: Student Information Available

    Question:  What information on my child or children will I be able to see?


    Initially, you will be able to see your child or children:

    1. Bus route: including pick up and drop off times and location of the bus stop.
    2. Attendance: daily attendance will be viewable, along with overall attendance status.
    3. Cafeteria Lunch Balance: Along with the option of adding funds to the account.
    4. Class Schedule: This will vary based on whether your child is in elementary, middle, high or center schools.
    5. Library Obligations: Any funds owed as a replacement cost for any library books not returned.

    Throughout the year, BCPS will be adding more academic information.


  • Topic:  Transportation

    Question:  Who should I contact if my bus information is not correct?


    Contact your school's transportation liaison. They will enter a transportation concern form to report issues.

  • Topic:  Library Obligation

    Question:  My child has an obligation for a library book. How do I remove the obligation?


    A library obligation appears on a student record when a student has lost a school library book that he or she has checked out. The obligation amount represents the cost for the school to replace the lost item. To clear the obligation, the student must pay the amount due for the library obligation at the school site where he or she is currently enrolled.

    Parents may also pay a library obligation online through the Broward Schools online e-store at: https://estore.browardschools.com/OSP/default.aspx

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