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Elementary, middle, and high school students working at their group levels in a club
  • Clubs and organizations are a great way to help develop character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career, and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club or organization. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and boost your college resumé.

  • Debate

    Speech and Debate club is offered to our fourth and fifth-grade students.  The club meets on Thursday, after school, from 2 to 3 pm with Ms. Birdsong.  The students write and recite their speeches with one another. Students who participate in Speech and Debate learn effective communication and debate skills, which are put to the test in a district-wide debate competition.

    Debate Club

  • Kids in Capes

    Kids in Capes Club( Community Action Project Executed by Students). This extraordinary club is specially designed for third, fourth, and fifth-grade students who are ready to embark on a thrilling journey of leadership, kindness, and making a positive impact on their school and community.

    Just like superheroes, our club members wear capes to symbolize their commitment to being everyday heroes. At Kids in Capes, we believe that every child has the power to make a difference, and we're here to help unleash that potential!

    In this club, you'll have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and learn valuable skills that will prepare you for a lifetime of making a positive impact. You'll have the chance to plan and organize events, lead projects, and become a voice for your fellow students. Together, we will create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

    Promoting kindness is at the core of what we do. Through various activities and initiatives, we encourage acts of kindness, empathy, and compassion. Whether it's organizing food drives for those in need, visiting local nursing homes to spread joy, or initiating buddy programs to support younger students, we strive to make kindness contagious. This group is lead by our Reading Coach, Mrs. Williams-Roulhac.

    Kids in Capes helpers    Kids in Capes helpers

    Kids in Capes helpers    Kids in Capes helpers     Kids in Capes helpers    

  • PRE News Crew

      Our news crew, WPRE NEWS, is a student-operated broadcaster of the daily news at Panther Run Elementary. Our segments include soundtrack of the day, where classrooms call in each morning to guess the soundtrack playing before we go live, Dad Joke of the Day, Fun Fact of the Day, Special Announcements, Weather, Daily Lunch Menu, Broward Schools Character Traits, Pledge of Allegiance, standing for our National Anthem, Daily Moment of Silence, and much more. Our students take field trips to professional news stations throughout the school year, and rotate to new positions weekly.  Check us out on our social media pages on Instagram and TikTok under #PantherRunNewsCrew

    The Panther Run Elementary WPRE NEWS Crew is run by Mr. Jasso, our Music Teacher. The news is broadcast to  classrooms via Stream view or through our Becon channel. Students are selected at the beginning of the school year and trained by Mr. Jasso. A second group is selected in the middle of the year. Those students then train the upcoming group to continue the News Crew Club.

    PRE News Crew    PRE News Crew 

    PRE News Crew    PRE News Crew   PRE News Crew  

  • Safety Patrols

    Safety Patrol students are chosen at the beginning and mid-school year. The program is supervised by Mrs. Mejido who is our Autism Coach.  Safety Patrols' responsibility is to remind students of safety procedures learned in the classroom, and to guide them in the safety procedures throughout the school. Patrols receive instructions on guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings throughout the school year. Our students who are chosen for Safety Patrols are expected to exhibit the following characteristics:

    Leadership Ability to Follow Rules

    Reliability Courtesy

    Punctuality Desire to help others

    Respect for classmates and others