• Embassy Creek Elementary has an amazing faculty and staff. We presently have nine National Board Certified Teachers on our faculty. We offer our students classes in Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Science. Embassy Creek is also fortunate to have an excellent support team in the areas of Guidance, Varying Exceptionalities, Speech and an Exceptional Student Education Specialist. Our Reading Resource Specialist also coordinates many programs for those students in need of assistance in all areas of learning.

    Our Front Office Staff is also there to lend a hand and help with any information needed. Our Paraprofessionals assist with students and teachers wherever needed. We have an excellent custodial staff that keep our building and classrooms clean and bright! And our Cafeteria staff is always hard at work with their culinary expertise to feed our 1000+ students everyday!

    We are a proud family here at Embassy Creek and we take pride in "Guiding the future..Lighting the way!" for all of our students each and every day.

    Our Teaching Faculty is comprised of the following:

    • 58 classroom teachers
    • 6 Special Teachers, who teach Music, Physical Education, Art, Science and Spanish
    • 2 Varying Exceptionality Teachers
    • 3 Guidance Counselors
    • 1 Exceptional Student Education Specialist
    • 2 Speech Specialists
    • 1 Reading Resource Specialist