General School Information

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Crystal Lake Middle, a dual magnet and S.T.E.M. school, is to provide a relevant, rigorous, standards based education in order for all of our students to become productive members of a 21st century, global society.

    Vision Statement

    Crystal Lake Middle School will ensure that all teachers have the essential tools and support to establish and maintain a highly effective learning environment.

    Belief Statements

    1. We believe that all students deserve an opportunity to learn in a safe, secure and positive learning environment.
    2. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that all students are highly engaged in a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
    3. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that we differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all of students and their individual learning styles.
    4. We believe that all students need to be assessed on a regular basis to ensure mastery of our standards based curriculum.
    5. We believe all students need to be prepared for an ever-increasing technological and global society.
    6. We believe in ongoing professional development for teachers to ensure that they are aware of the latest research.
    7. We believe in the child study process to ensure that students receive appropriate interventions in an effort to decrease negative behaviors.
    8. We believe in authentic evaluation of student achievement such as project-based assessments in addition to test scores.
    9. We believe in data driven decision-making.
    10. We believe in celebrating the successes and accomplishments of our school and its stakeholders.