Become a Volunteer & Register Today!

  • There are lots of ways for parents to be involved in their child’s education – keeping track in the classroom, at home and throughout the school district.

    Broward County Public Schools encourages all their parents to be actively involved with, and committed to, their child’s education. Here are a few ways that parents can have a real voice and make a real difference for their student.

    Our kids count on volunteers in our schools who do it all – helping teachers, tutoring students, assisting in the front office and acting as Youth Motivators. You can volunteer at your child’s school or another school via a number of ways. Call the Volunteer Services Office at 754-321-2040 and sign up today, or visit the department website at Volunteer-Services

    Information about how to become a school volunteer is found at Get Involved

    The online application must be submitted before you can begin and this application. If you had already received a volunteer badge last year, there is no need to reapply.   Volunteer application
    ***Please allow 2 WEEKS for processing.