Cafeteria Information

  • Food and Nutrition Services offer variety and well-balanced nutritious meals at a low cost. School lunches provide an assortment of foods including daily meal salads and fresh fruit. School meals are healthy, meeting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. By choosing lunch at school, students learn to make healthy choices, reinforcing nutrition education taught in the classroom.  Delicious breakfasts are served daily in all Broward County Public schools.

    Croissant Park Elementary participates in the Free Breakfast Program which makes universal-free breakfast meals available to all CPE students.   Your child may qualify for free meals or for reduced-price lunch meals.  Qualifications are based on household income and are completely confidential.  More information on applying for free and reduced price meals is available on the District’s website at:

    Breakfast is served at Croissant Park from 7:30 a.m. till 7:55 a.m.  Students who walk or ride in cars to school should be in the cafeteria before 7:30 if they wish to eat breakfast. Students who walk or ride in cars arriving after 7:50 will not be served.  They will be directed to their classrooms to start their day. Students arriving on late Broward Schools busses will be served breakfast regardless of arrival time.

    All Croissant Park students arriving on campus before 7:45 a.m. will be directed to the cafeteria regardless of whether they wish to eat breakfast or not. Students are dismissed to their classrooms at 7:45.

    Food and Nutrition Services

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