Principal's Message

  • Principal Welcome to Cross Creek School. The following is a snapshot of what we are all about.

    Cross Creek School offers students integrated educational experiences at levels ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Students are provided instruction in the core subject areas of Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Science, and are provided further instruction in Art, Drama, and Physical Education. The educational curriculum is addressed in the programs for the Emotionally/Behaviorally Disabled. Course offerings follow the Broward County (Florida) School Board's Standards of Service for grading, promotion, and graduation. Students at Cross Creek are involved in all standardized county and state educational assessment programs. The test results provide the psycho-educational team and parents with individualized, detailed reports on each student's progress in the core curriculum. This information is used to formulate an individualized educational program for each student. Testing information also facilitates a continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of the curriculum and its implementation.

    The functional aim of Cross Creek is to create dynamic learning situations adjusted to the capabilities and interests of the individual student. A variety of instructional techniques are utilized to serve the needs of the students in cognitive, social, physical, and emotional spheres. Basic educational skills are emphasized because regardless of the origin of the student’s disabilities, much of his/her current behavior is related to the inability to obtain positive self-esteem and satisfaction of individual needs. Cooperative Learning, Critical Thinking Skills, Learning Strategies, and Social Skills training are integrated into all academic areas. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve the students’ emotional and social functioning so that they may lead healthy and productive lives.

    Educational Environment

    Cross Creek School offers a highly structured behavioral and educational environment provided by professional, trained, and caring staff. Our staff utilizes specific behavior management systems, which allow the student to experience immediate behavioral success. The student is taught appropriate behaviors and allowed to "practice" both academic and social skills. As the students progress, they gain more privileges and responsibilities and move toward the goal of a less restrictive environment. Each student has individual, behavioral and therapeutic goals as part of an Individual Education Plan. Many stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, and therapists develop this plan.

    Therapeutic Services

    Cross Creek offers psychiatric and therapeutic services on campus. The medical needs of the students are provided by our nursing staff. A team of therapists provides therapy to our students and work closely with their families. Individual, group and family therapy are provided. The entire Cross Creek staff works as a team to encourage and support parent/family participation, which is considered essential to the progress of the student.

    Students come to us in order to meet their individual needs for both clinical and academic growth. Cross Creek staff is sensitive to the needs of the students and their families. The staff is concerned with the "whole child" and in fact, the "whole family" in their efforts to begin to rebuild confidence and self-esteem in each of our children. Class sizes are small and cooperative learning is emphasized. Activities are planned to provide maximum therapeutic, behavioral and academic growth. We are creative in our strategies, interventions and interactions with every child. Technology is utilized to enhance learning. We attempt to provide every opportunity for students to learn and grow in a positive, reinforcing environment. You will find Cross Creek to be "First in Caring ... First in Education...".

    Mrs. Colleen Stearn