Cafeteria Information

  • In the PLE Cafe

    Our cafeteria opens for breakfast at 7:10 a.m. for K-5 students.  Breakfast closes at 7:40 a.m.  

    Our lunch schedule permits two grade levels at a time, or approximately 200 students to eat in the cafeteria. Each class enters the cafeteria accompanied by their teacher and is seated an assigned table. Students are first seated, then called into the lunch line for purchases. Students pick up their milk first before selecting additional lunch items. Once students select all their lunch items, they check out at the cash register by scanning their lunch card and join their classmates. 

    There are staff members who monitor the cafeteria and offer assistance to students who may need help. Parents can help improve their child’s cafeteria experience by doing things like sending students to school with food items and containers (drinks, yogurt, granola bars, etc.) they can open for themselves. Parents can also help by making sure students who bring lunch have eating utensils and other necessary items packed with their lunch every day.  It is also helpful if young students practice at home with opening utensil packets, milk boxes, etc. 

    In the café, each class’ table has a section identified for students with food allergies.  If your child has such an allergy, please be sure to speak with your child's teacher, and notify the office so it can be properly documented. 

    Parents are welcome to join their child for lunch on occasion.  Parents must follow school policies and procedures when eating with their child on campus. This includes not bringing in any outside food (McDonald's, etc.), eating with only their own child, and refrain from taking pictures of other students.  When celebrating birthdays during lunch, keep in mind that dessert treats are permitted if they are commercially prepared from a store and in its original packaging.  Sharp decorative objects such as picks and rings are not allowed.  It is preferred to bring a treat that your child can easily distribute as an individual serving (cupcakes, cookies, etc.).  For safety reasons, knives of any kind, candles, balloons, and goody bags are not permitted.

    We strive to ensure our students have a safe, enjoyable, and nutritious experience with meals in our cafe!