Tips for Students

    formulate a strategy
    read directions carefully
    write down questions you think might be asked from your notes or book
    try to answer your own questions ( or use an exchange buddy system )
    check your answers
    get a good nights sleep and a healthy meal

    read directions carefully
    scan the whole test first to make wise use of time
    read each question twice if time permit
    skip over difficult questions, and return to it later; answering the easy ones
    completely darken in the answer (bubble) spaces.
    use the "process of elimination" on multiple choice tests; be aware that the test may have a best answer, not a correct answer
    ask if guesing is penalized
    cover all points asked for in an essay question
    think before you answer; check your answers carefuuly for mistake


    read comments carefully so you won't make the same mistake twice
    find out the correct answers for the ones you missed

    Daily Homework Tips

    write your assignment in your planner.
    always do the hardest subject first
    set up a regular schedule of at least 15-30 minutes per subject
    schedule time for breaks, dinner, free time, other obligations
    split up work : after school, before dinner, after dinner, before sleep (before school only in emergencies )
    no interruptions, avoid distractions: no t.v., phone calls, radio etc.
    realize that homework that is to be read or reviewed is just as important as work which is to be written or turned in the next day.
    never say you don't have any homework. review your notes, read, etc.
    set specific goals
    plan for success
    always use your planner