• MANATEE BAY FACTS- Parent Information



    STUDENT HOURS: (Front doors open at 7:30am)   8:00am – 2:00pm

    OFFICE HOURS: (Please have a photo ID when visiting the school) 7:30am – 3:00pm


    Car Rider Breakfast Hours:  7:15am – 7:45am

    (ONLY STUDENTS will be allowed in for breakfast at 7:15am)

    FREE or REDUCED LUNCH: Information Forthcoming


    TEACHER CONFERENCES:  In order to enter the school, parents MUST check in through the Front Office to sign in & get a badge.  The office opens at 7:30am

    BACKPACKS & LUNCH BOXES:  Rolling backpacks are NOT permitted unless you supply a doctors note to the Guidance Department.  VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE BE SURE YOUR CHILD’S NAME ARE ON BOTH THE LUNCH BOX AND BACKPACK!

    ATTENDANCEAttendance Line = 754-323-6452

    ABSENCES:  Must be reported by a parent/guardian each day that the child is absent. Calls received after 12:00PM will be heard the following day and attendance will be adjusted.   The phone call must give the child’s name, their teacher, the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence and the parent’s name excusing the absence. Although you have 48 hours to call and excuse the absence, we encourage you to call before 12:00 noon the day of the absence.  If you forget to contact us to have the absence excused, the District will send out an AUTOMATIC phone call for the unexcused absence

    **If your child accumulates 5 or more UNEXCUSED absences throughout the year,  the District AUTOMATICALLY sends you a BTIP letter**


    TARDIES:  If your child is not sitting in their seat at 8:00am when the bell rings, they are considered Tardy.  The District will send out an AUTOMATIC phone call to the registered number listed for all Tardies reported by the teacher.

    VOLUNTEER / VISITING CLASSROOMS:  RETURNING PARENTS & NEW PARENTS MUST apply on-line @  WWW.BROWARDSCHOOLS.COM/GETINVOLVED - PLEASE WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 15th TO DO THIS –   In order to volunteer in your child’s classroom, attend classroom activities, attend field trips or participate in any other activity in the school you must go online and complete the application   Once approved, you must bring your drivers license (or the document you used to register) with you when you attend your first event in order to get a badge made – the badge will remain in the school throughout the school year.   ** YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS PROTECTED **

    Parents, Guardians & Visitors ARE NOT permitted to walk through the school for any reason without checking in through the Front Office

    Beginning on ‘Independence Day, ALL STUDENTS WILL WALK TO CLASS ON THEIR OWN



    This dress code is consistent with and includes the requirements of the Broward County School Board Elementary Code of Student Conduct, Part II – Dress code, (each student receives this at the start of the school year).



    *Approved colors – Navy, Light Blue, Heather Gray, White, Red

    *Collared, “Polo” (short or long sleeve) – solid color or with optional school logo

    *Friday option:  School spirit T-shirt (available from PTA).



    *Approved colors – Navy, Black, or Khaki

    *Students may wear shorts, pants, skirts, capri pants, skorts, culottes or jumpers in solid approved colors.

    *Material must be cotton, twill blend or corduroy.

    *The length of shorts, skirts, skorts, culottes, and jumpers must not be shorter than mid-thigh.

    *No backless or open-toed shoes.


    Students may wear a cardigan, sweatshirt or zip front jacket in one of the approved solid colors, for daily wear (some classrooms are cold).  On “extreme” weather days, such as thunderstorms or cold, students may wear whatever outerwear is necessary for adequate weather protection.


    Exemptions to the unified dress code policy will include the wearing of uniforms of a nationally recognized organization, such as the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts on scheduled meeting days; a costume or special clothing that is deemed necessary for a school activity/play or other school-sponsored programs; as well as other exemptions stated in School board Policy 5309 – Rule 4.



    Waivers or exceptions may be granted in accordance with Broward County Guidelines for School Uniforms.  All waivers must be in writing by using the Broward County Waiver form.  Waivers must be submitted within the first 10 days of each school year, or within the first 10 school days of a child first attending school.


    Clothes may be purchased from any clothing store, catalog, or uniform store.  Tops and outerwear with the school logo will be available through our Manatee Bay PTA.  (See Manatee Bay Order Forms/Flyer for more information on available items and prices.)