Get Involved

Elementary, middle, and high school students working at their group levels in a club
  • Clubs and organizations are a great way to help develop character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career, and in life. Skills like commitment, leadership, effective communication, and being able to work successfully in a group all come from participating in a club or organization. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and boost your college resumé.

  • Band & Orchestra

     Band Logo

    Sponsor: Mr. Arcia

    Meeting time: Please contact Mr. Arcia for more details.

    Students at CSMS who are currently taking a Band class have the opportunity to work and practice with Mr. Arcia on their instruments in the band room. 

  • DECA Club

    Sponsor: Mr. Jones

    Meeting Time: Please visit our school calendar for meeting dates.

    DECA club provides students who are emerging leaders and entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn more about the skills and challenges they will face from the classroom to the board room.

  • Drama Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Thomas

    Meeting Time: Thursdays from 4:00-4:45 PM.  Room 168

    Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, costumes, and makeup design.

  • First Priority

    Sponsor: Ms. Thomas

    Meeting Time:  Tuesdays from 8:50-9:25 AM.  Room 168

    First Priority is a non-denominational faith-based club where students will explore and learn about the Bible. Students will participate in games and discussions about Biblical principles. 

  • Girls Who Code Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Dollins

    Meeting time: Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 PM.  Room 164

    Girls Who Code is a club designed to encourage girls to engage in technology providing opportunities for them to learn about computers, programming, and coding.

  • National Junior Honor Society (N.J.H.S.)

    Sponsor: Ms. Cusano 

    Meeting times will be announced over the school announcements.

    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an international middle school organization that prepares students for leadership and lifelong success. Applicants into NJHS must reach the standards in leadership, citizenship, character, service, and scholarship.

  • Robotics

    Sponsor: Ms. Roberts

    Meeting time: Every other Tuesday from 4:00-4:45PM.  Room 516/522

    The Robotics Club is an extra-curricular club where students can learn and apply concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math (also known as STEM). Opportunity for students to participate in individual, and intramural group school competitions. 

  • Spanish Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Levinsky

    Meeting time: Friday's from 4:00-4:30 PM.  Room 530

    The Spanish Club is geared towards students who would like opportunities to speak Spanish outside the classroom as well as learn more about the various Hispanic cultures. 

  • Speech & Debate

    Sponsor: Mrs. Geraci

    Meeting time: See Mrs. Geraci for more details.  Room 543

    In this club, students learn effective communication and debate skills, which are put to the test in a district-wide debate competition.

  • Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

    Sponsor: Ms. Beaney

    Meeting time: See Mrs. Beaney for more details.  Room 128

    S.G.A. is a student-run organization that dedicates itself to creating memorable experiences for every student at CSMS. By encouraging involvement, we provide a medium for all students to become active in the workings of our community. This includes hosting a number of inclusive activities such as Spirit Week, pep rallies, and much much more. Not only do we bridge the gap between students and administration, but we are also involved members of the Coral Springs community. Every year our goal is to improve the lives of our student and faculty population by implementing creative and fun ideas to make each year unforgettable!