• The library media specialist is proactive in seeking out and infusing technological resources into her work with students to support and enhance the essential learning presented in this curriculum. Students demonstrate competencies by using technology as a medium for project-based work, producing reports, multimedia presentations, and other products. The tools of technology foster cooperation, communication, independence, and the ability to gather, organize, manipulate, and evaluate data and to use multiple resources.

    Hardware and Software

    Mr. Woods, is the Micro-Computer Technical Specialist.  This means that Mr. Woods will fix computer hardware and software issues as soon as possible or call in the issue to the ETS Service Desk.  He is also responsible for inventory of all equipment in the school.  Please contact Mr. Woods for any hardware or software issue.


    The district's Educational Technology Services Department (ETS) is responsible for maintaining the networking of technology.  If there are any issues with networking, Mr. Woods will call any issues into the ETS Service Desk.              

    Acceptable Use Policy

    Maintenance and Repair


    In Broward County media centers, the budget comes from the state media funds (project 113 Funds) as well as funds designated by the principal from the school’s operating budget called discretionary funds. Any funds that come from the state may only be used to purchase library materials. The amount of the Project 113 funds is determined by the amount of full time equivalent (FTE) students registered at the school. Of course, schools may also conduct fundraisers to increase their purchasing power if need be.