Community Resources

  • Information on Student Immigration Concerns

     Family Counseling
    The Family Counseling Program provides individual, family, and group counseling to students and families residing in Broward County, free of charge. The program is confidential, with no indication in the student's school record that counseling has taken place. The program employs licensed therapists who are located in schools across the District, providing day and evening sessions. For an appointment, call 754-321-1590.

    School Counseling
    The School Counseling Program provides comprehensive, culturally responsive services that honor diversity while fostering welcoming school environments for all students and families. Counselors ensure that students’ rights are respected and their academic, social and emotional needs are met through individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, school-wide initiatives, and collaboration with families. School Counselors and BRACE Advisors also guide immigrant students to make informed decisions about college, career, and financial aid options upon graduation. To contact the School Counseling and BRACE Department, call 754-321-1675.

    School Social Work Services

    BCPS School Social Work Services promote and support the individual needs of students and families within a multicultural and multi-ethnic community. School Social Workers assist families in removing barriers to attendance and academic achievements, such as the need for mental health services, housing, or family issues like divorce, domestic violence, substance abuse, or crisis intervention. The services are provided free of charge, to contact a School Social Worker, please call 754-321-1618.

    Bilingual Parent Outreach Office

    The Bilingual Parent Outreach Office provides services to English language learners, parents, families, and community organizations to ensure non-English speaking students are integrated into our school communities. Services include but are not limited to orientation to the American school system, and distribution of free resources to support learning at home. To contact the Bilingual Parent Outreach office, please call 754-321- 2951 or email