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    The Cambridge International Magnet Programme

    Cambridge Magnet Programme at Fort Lauderdale High School provides a well-rounded and rigorous college-level curriculum for the student who is ready to explore his/her place in the global community. Successful Cambridge students receive an international diploma – the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) diploma – which is recognized in 167 countries, have access to over thirty college-level courses enabling them to earn up to two years of college credit, and automatically receive the highest level of Bright Futures scholarship in the state of Florida. Fort Lauderdale High School’s Cambridge experience is the stepping-stone for many students attending the country’s most prestigious Ivy League, Florida state and private universities.

    Our school was awarded the National Merit Award of "Excellence" for 2019 from the Magnet Schools of America.  This is the highest distinction awarded, given only to a select group of magnet schools that have demonstrated the highest level of achievement in all facets of the merit award application. 

    The Cambridge Curriculum

    Students take a variety of rigorous Pre-AICE (honors level) and AICE (college level) courses.  FLHS offers over 20 different Cambridge courses, both at the AS- and A-levels.  There are specific program requirements that students must pass in order to get their diplomas. Students will take AICE Global Perspectives and Research and at least one credit each from groups 1, 2, & 3 for a total of 7 credits. Any credits from Group 4 are optional and students may pick the remaining credits from any group. Students must take and pass 7 AICE exams to get their diplomas. Students may also take more than 7 AICE classes, but only 7 passing exam scores are required for the diploma. Students must also make sure that they meet Florida graduation requirements in addition to program requirements.

    For a complete list of our current Cambridge course offerings, please contact our Cambridge Magnet coordinator or the FLHS guidance office.


    Students from throughout Broward County who meet the requirements may apply to the Cambridge AICE Magnet Program at Fort Lauderdale High School. 

    Students applying to the magnet program must have a 2.5 GPA or higher and a Level 3 or higher (i.e. passing) on their Florida Standardized Assessment (FSA) for Reading and Math or a math End-of-Course Examination (EOC).

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    How AICE credits transfer to Florida colleges

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