Faculty and Staff
  • The Faculty and Staff would like to welcome you to our school. We are here to provide quality education in a safe and secure environment! Our principal, assistant principals, office staff, counselors, teachers, and support staff are ready to work with you as partners in your child's education. Contact CSMS Staff anytime if you have questions, comments, or concerns.

  • Mrs. Donna Baker, Assistant Principal, Grade 6

    I am delighted to serve as assistant principal at Coral Springs Middle School. It is a pleasure to be a part of this diverse community where everyone is valued for who they are.

    As the Assistant Principal, I am committed to supporting our school's mission - "to provide innovative, challenging educational experiences which will enable all students to acquire skills needed to become successful life-long learners."  I am dedicated to maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment where every student feels valued, safe, loved, and ready to explore their full potential. I believe every child can learn when placed in the right environment and given adequate resources and opportunities to use in school and their everyday lives.  I look forward to working with all stakeholders to build a home, school, and community relationship, improving parent involvement, student behavior, and achievement.

    Mrs. Donna Baker, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

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  • Mr. David Argent, Assistant Principal, Grade 7

    Stallion Parents and Guardians, 

    Welcome to the 2023 – 2024 School Year! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives each day. I look forward to seeing your children as we journey together.  The stories and the experiences we will have together will certainly shape our paths.  I hope, that as we begin this new year, we all move forward positively knowing that what lies ahead will be meaningful and worthwhile. I am here to support your children academically, socially, and emotionally. I am committed to providing your children with a welcoming, positive, nurturing, productive, memorable, interactive, SAFE and engaging learning experience. I take pride in our academic excellence and our students’ achievements. 

    Thank you for trusting us with your children.  

    “Once a Stallion, Always a Stallion” 

    Mr. Argent, 7th Grade Assistant Principal 

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  • Mrs. Roxana Matthews, Assistant Principal, Grade 8

    Hello, Stallion Students and Families! 

    I am so excited about the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year. We remain committed to having an outstanding school year and ensuring that our Stallions receive all the tools necessary to be highly prepared and qualified students.

    I am so proud to be your 8th-grade Assistant Principal. I am a firm believer in communication and in working together with families to ensure our common goal, which is your student’s success, happiness, and well-being. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time with any questions or concerns. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my 8th graders and their families.

    I am looking forward to an unforgettable year!

    Mrs. Matthews, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

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  • Administrative Support Assistants (Main Office)

    Cheryl Newman, Main Office / Attendance Clerk

    Takyla Strong, Main Office

    Main Office Number: 754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • ESLS Administrative Support Assistant / Parent Conferences

    Joanne Alonzo, ESLS Administrative Support Assistant / Parent Conferences

    Attendance Phone Number: 754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • ESLS Specialist

    Vanessa Lopez, ESLS Specialist

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Food Service Manager

    Kimberly Garrick, Food Service Manager

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Head of Facilities

    Maycine Harvard, Head Facilities Serviceperson

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Information Management Technician

    Nancy Bartolone, Information Management Technician

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Library/Media Specialist

    Charles Dadas, Library-Media Specialist

    Main Office Number:754-322-3035

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Technology Support Specialist

    Keith Reynolds, Technology Support Specialist

    Main Office Number:754-322-3033

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Office Manager

    Cynthia Bosworth, Office Manager

    Main Office Number: 754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Reading/Literacy Coach

    Shari Kraut, Reading/Literacy Coach

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

  • Registrar

    Blanca Gonzalez, Registrar

    Main Office Number:754-322-3000

    Fax Number: 754-322-3086

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