Principal's Message

  • Mr. GibsonPalmview Parents and Students, 

    As valuable members of our school family, we are honored to welcome you back to another new school year that will resemble prior school openings.  We are also overjoyed that you have chosen Palmview again as your child’s school.  

    Although we are still battling the Corona Virus Pandemic, we are excited about returning to face-to-face learning for all students. Through strategic planning and the implementation of safety protocols throughout last year, we learned a lot about how to safely deliver effective face-to-face instruction to our students.  We are determined to use this new knowledge and confidence to effectively regain all the academic losses that occurred last year.  We are on a “Come Back Strong Mission.” 

    Our staff is united in making the return to the best way of instructing students a high-quality teaching and learning product that you will proudly support and appreciate. This will be accomplished through our continued commitment to embrace safety as a daily priority while sowing seeds of excellence, love, compassion, patience, and nurture in our boys and girls, knowing that whatever we sow, we will also reap.  

    Again, our staff unity will remain strong, and our commitment to making Palmview a great place for teaching and learning in a safe and orderly academic environment will remain a priority.  Our dedication and tenacity toward student excellence will continue to grow, and our mission of becoming an “A” school will remain unmovable.  Through all we have learned about teaching in this current environment, our newfound confidence, I am certain this school year is going to be more outstanding.   

    So, parents, let’s unite as a forceful team to make this year an excellent learning experience for our boys and girls!