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    Palmview is a Global Environmental Science Magnet School.

    The Global Environmental Science theme covers a broad range of environmental concerns, with primary attention given to those issues of most importance to South Florida’s fragile ecosystems. Students benefit from an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on many challenges and concerns related to land-dwelling wildlife preservation, aquatic wildlife preservation, taking care of the Earth, Florida’s environmental issues, the tropical rain forest, and interdependence of the Earth’s ecosystems. Students have access to computer facilities, modern science and mathematics laboratories, the outdoor nature trail, and environmental learning centers.


    Tya & Lyndaziah's Butterfly Life Cycle Project


    Our magnet students have a dedicated Specials Science class in our Science lab with hands on activities. Field trips are an important part of our student magnet experience. The real life experiences that occur during a field trip allow our students to authentically connect to their curriculum. Back at school this knowledge is applied and synthesized during learning activities to create higher order inquiries and projects. They also experience global environmental issues first hand through field trips. Share our Magnet student field trip to Gumbo Limbo nature center here:

    Come step inside Palmview, experience our magnet environment where Florida wildlife has been painted by our own Art teacher, Mrs. Bonavia. Access to these images and identifying the plants and animals in our habitat gives every student the opportunity to connect to and take ownership of our environment, becoming global citizens.

    Our students have been studying habitats, including our own habitat here at Palmview. They have taken pictures around our campus and also in their neighborhoods. We are very proud to say these pictures really showcase our habitat and our student’s scientific observational skills as well as their photographic talent. It gives every student the opportunity to express themselves and their environmental knowledge.

    Access our habitat project blog where students share what they have learned about different habitats.



    For more information or to schedule a tour contact
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