Principal's Message

  • Ms. Catrice DuhartMeeting the Extraordinary Challenges of Today, Together!
    As the Principal of North Andrews Gardens Elementary, I am excited for another opportunity to educate and nurture the children of this wonderful community. We are all aware of the unique and ongoing challenges that have touched every NAGE family during this past year, but I am committed to creating the safest, most enriching, and fun-filled educational experience that can be provided for your child(ren).  

    In order to maintain the best learning environment for all stakeholders, flexibility, tenacity, and focus will be the guiding principles demonstrated as I lead us through our journey.  Know and expect that the students’ education and safety is the number one focus in every decision I make.

    It is my hope that this year will be a great step forward for every child at North Andrews Gardens Elementary.  As the Principal of our awesome school, I am looking forward to assisting in the education of our future.  I understand that I cannot do this alone. Working together, we will make this a phenomenal school year for our Panthers!

    “Make each day your masterpiece.”

    -John Wooden

    Principal Duhart