Get Involved

Elementary, middle, and high school students working at their group levels in a club
  • Bobcat Buddies

     Bobcat Buddies

    Sponsor: Ms. Taneshia C. Clarke 

    BHE supports and educates over 600 students from the Hollywood community. Within the school community, are over 100 students with disabilities in our special programs from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. To provide an inclusive environment for our students, we have established a peer buddies program called Bobcat Buddies. The Bobcat Buddies program is aimed at fostering social skills, building friendships, and developing an understanding and respect for learning differences.

  • Environmental Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Mirta C. Richardson 

    Environmental Club - Mondays from 2:15pm-3:15pm.  

    Students who are interested in helping the environment, the ability to beautify their school while learning more about the current state of our environment and how to protect, conserve, preserve, and restore the environment. The purpose of the BHE Environmental Club is to create awareness of environmental issues, such as protection, conservation, preservation, and restoration, with an emphasis on educating and empowering students to take care of their environment. Students will participate in meaningful environmental activities and projects, such as Adopt a Tree, Rock Garden, Vegetable Garden, recycling and more.

  • Fashion Club

     Sponsor: Ms. Lenja Lassegue

    Fashion Club - Mondays from 2pm-3pm.

    BHE’s Uniquely You Fashion Club is a club for Fashionistas and Trendsetters. As a member of the Fashion Club, students are encouraged to tap into their creative abilities. In our club students are exposed to a closer look into the world of fashion, with opportunities to learn how to sketch, design, sew, style, model, craft, etiquette, and so much more. Whether fashion is your passion or not, your creativity will definitely be sparked.

  • Dance Club

    Sponsor: Ms. Yanisel Garcia

    Dance Club - Mondays & Fridays from 2pm-3pm.

    BHE Dance Club is a place where diversity shines and dance genres come alive! We celebrate different cultures and dance styles from around the world. From ballet to hip-hop, salsa to folk dances, we embrace the richness of diversity through the art of movement. Students will be able to display their talent at events throughout the school year.

  • WBOB Morning Annoucements

    Sponsor: Ms. Ann Rees

    WBOB students create streaming content for online broadcast throughout the school.  

  • Speech and Debate

    Sponsor:  Mr. Kyle March

    Debate/Speech Club - Mondays & Fridays from 2pm-3pm.  

    Students will develop public speaking skills. They will produce either a speech, an argument, or a reenactment of a novel. They will compete against students from other schools.