Meet the Counselors

  • School counselors promote and enhance achievement with an annual comprehensive school counseling plan that ensures that every student receives school counseling services. Credentialed school counselors provide comprehensive counseling programs that incorporate prevention and intervention with continuous academic, career, and personal/development activities that will prepare them for meaningful participation in a diverse, changing world. These activities include classroom guidance, small groups for skill mastery, individual counseling for students with specific needs, and a variety of other proactive and innovative ways to support student performance. 

    School counselors implement a program based on the National Standards for School Counseling Programs and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. They also provide resources to staff, students, families, and others to ensure that a family-friendly environment is established and ensure that students have access to a safe school climate necessary for academic and social/emotional growth.

    Parents are always welcome to come in or call 754-323-3600 for assistance or advice.

  • What is the purpose of the School Counseling Department?

    The purpose of the School Counseling Department is to help students be successful during their three-year experience with us in middle school.  We, as school counselors, focus on the development of the student as a whole person, facilitating academic achievement, career planning, and social/personal functioning while serving as a needed bridge between counseling and education in school.  We strive to offer school counseling programs and support that assist students with planning and preparing for future opportunities.

  • What is School Counseling?

    School counseling is developmental, in that is, it focuses on the needs, interests, and issues related to the various stages of student growth.  There are objectives, activities, and special services, with an emphasis on helping students to learn more effectively and efficiently.  There is a commitment to individual uniqueness and the optimal development of human potential.

  • What does a school counselor do?

    The school counselor is a certified professional educator who helps students develop their educational, social, career, and personal strengths, and to become responsible and productive citizens.  The primary focus is always on problem solving, decision-making, and discovering personal meaning, as it relates to learning and confidential relationship with their students.  School counselors are human behavior and relationship specialists who provide counseling, consultation, and coordination services to students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

  • What are the qualifications of the school counselor?

    • Graduate-level study in an approved school counseling program
    • State of Florida certification in guidance and counseling

  • How does a student get to see the counselor?

    A student should ask for permission from the teacher to see a counselor or ask for assistance from the counselor directly.

  • Where can the student see the counselor?

    A student can see the counselor in just about any appropriate place, including the counselor's office, classroom, hallway, lunchroom, and outside on school grounds.

  • How does a school counselor become knowledgeable about current trends in school counseling?

    • In-service training sessions
    • Workshops and seminars
    • Conventions and conferences
    • Regular inter-school counselor meetings
    • County, state, and national counselor association meetings

  • Riley Cosgrave, 6th Grade

    Riley Cosgrave

    6th Grade Guidance Counselor

    Guidance Director

    Phone Number: 754-323-3623

  • Ivonne Hidalgo, 7th Grade

    Ivonne Hidalgo

    7th Grade Guidance Counselor

    Phone Number: 754-323-3629

  • Sabine Taylor, 8th Grade

    Sabine Taylor

    8th Grade Guidance Counselor

    Phone Number: 754-323-3629