• It has been an honor and privilege to serve our students at Castle Hill Elementary for the 24-25 school year. The 21st CCLC program offers year-round services during the school year and summer for free. Eighty students are accepted and there is a waiting list for potential attendees interested.

    During the school year, our program offers academic enrichment in homework, reading, writing, and math, and test prep. Our personal enrichment activities during the school year that have created a buzz around town are our Drumline (led by one of Bethune Cookman's finest, Ms. Shayla Burnette) and Danceline/cheerleaders (led by a Dillard alumni who teaches private and group dance on various levels and different forms of dance, Miss Monica Rush). We do have some in-house field trips tied into academic content during the school year, but the summer is when the real fun takes place. The year-round program has improved academic and social growth and we are so proud of our students!

    During the summer, we offer academic enrichment in reading, language arts, math, science, and project-based learning that focuses on a specific theme, and in the afternoon we offer personal enrichment in areas such as Band, Art, Technology, WriteBrain (students author their own book), and physical education. Students will receive free swimming lessons and field trips. The district's 21st CCLC staff work hard year round to ensure that our students are provided with the best educational and memorable opportunities. We know that you love your babies and want the best for them and so do we!